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The Essential Retail Advertising Resources Required for Success

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Retail advertisers have a lot to keep track of when running a campaign on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Online sales in the US reached over $394 billion last year, and the market shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. This means that retail advertisers can miss out on a massive amount of revenue if they’re not employing the most impactful advertising strategies, using effective creative, or staying up-to-date on emerging trends.

The resources below will help you cover all the retail advertising essentials you need to know in order to generate more revenue with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns.

Strategies to accelerate your campaigns

shutterstock_358799144There’s no point in running ads that will only reach audiences who won’t purchase from your brand. To learn the best strategies for effective ad targeting, watch this video to learn how to attract and retain high-value customers. Or, find out how you can use Predictive Lifetime Value (PLTV) to find shoppers who will drive the most value for your business over time.

Additionally, employing the right strategies can help you address common problems that plague retailers, such as shopping cart abandonment. You can also increase the average order value generated by online shoppers with these tactics.

As mcommerce continues to grow, more retail advertisers are exploring ways to reach users on mobile devices. These three essential strategies can help you drive more mobile purchases. If your brand has its own app, learn how you can drive downloads or in-app purchases with these examples.

Creative tips for stunning social ads

shutterstock_284308784Impactful social ad campaigns call for eye-catching creative. On popular social platforms, advertisers need to employ next-level creative to stand out from the noise. See how successful brands are crafting revenue-driving ad creative for their campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Brands are also finding new ways to harness the power of particular ad units to stand out from the competition. Carousel ads offer multiple images options, providing advertisers with a many creative options to boost customer acquisition and retention. Video ads are also a great way to reach audiences, especially on mobile devices.

The advertising experts of retail speak out


How are the top talents in retail managing their ad campaigns? Learn how growth marketers at forward-thinking companies like Rent the Runway, PomeloJackThreads, Hopscotch, and Joss & Main are driving purchases with direct-response advertising.

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