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3 Brands Driving Revenue Through Helpful Social Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Social ads are getting helpful! By offering useful advice and interesting tutorials, advertisers can demonstrate the importance of their company’s products or services. Because these ads provide value, viewers are motivated to click through in order to learn more. This strategy also helps ads fit in with organic content on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making for a more appealing and less obtrusive viewing experience.

Here are just a few businesses that are taking their ads to the next level by sharing tips, tricks or other beneficial content in their ads.

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

ThirdLove provides support

One way to grow interest in your product or service is to generate a need for it. Exploring problems that audiences may be facing and presenting your product as a solution is a great way to prove the value of your brand. Not only will addressing viewers’ unique challenges feel more personal to them, but it will make your business stand out from competitors because it communicates a deeper understanding of their problems and needs.

ThirdLove - Helpful Ad Content

Online lingerie retailer ThirdLove illustrates different bra fit problems with a Facebook carousel ad. Providing a visual example of each issue makes it easy for users to identify their own annoyances, making the ad relatable, personable and interactive. Most importantly, this approach demonstrates the value of ThirdLove’s product as a solution to these problems.

Sleep Number stretches to drive sales

Helpful content doesn’t have to be all about your products or services. In fact, covering topics that interest your audiences and relate to your business can broaden your appeal. Just make sure your ad’s subject matter can still be tied back to your company and your selling points.

Sleep Number - Helpful Ad Content

Sleep Number already promises a good night’s sleep with its advanced mattresses. The company broadens this message by using a Twitter video ad to share stretches viewers can do while getting ready for bed. By expanding its content to include strategies for a better rest, Sleep Number is able to appeal to audiences who would be interested in these tactics and be more likely to appreciate the benefits of a Sleep Number mattress.

Walmart cooks up a fitting tutorial

Helpful ads work because they offer useful content, much like the organic posts that audiences will also see on their social feeds. Because these ads employ the same tactics to win users’ attention, they also need to fit in with the posts that will surround them on social sites. Make sure your creative helps your ad blend in by using organic content as inspiration.

Walmart - Helpful Ad Content

Recently, it’s been hard to miss food instruction videos on sites like Facebook and Instagram. These popular videos offer a step-by-step, overhead tutorial of what goes into making a tasty delicacy. Walmart and Tasty uses this same style in their Instagram video ad. By viewing this ad, audiences can learn an easy recipe for a maple slow cooker cake. The video inspires viewers to try making the recipe for themselves, and drives sales by encouraging viewers to find ingredients at Walmart. This video ad fits in with other cooking tutorials that populate Instagram, so audiences will be more inclined to view it because it offers the same helpful information that they’d find in other videos that they already love.

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