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Essential Resources for Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Advertisers in every vertical are increasingly harnessing the power of Facebook’s dynamic ads. In Q4 2016, dynamic ad share of total ad spend increased 164% year-over-year among advertisers using Nanigans software.

What is it about dynamic ads that is so appealing to marketers? Find out by exploring the essential resources below.

The basics of dynamic ads

Dynamic Ads Basics - Dynamic Ads Topic PageDynamic ads are ideal for reminding customers of products or services they may have browsed on your site and motivating them to complete online transaction or conversion event. These benefits, plus game-changing capabilities like cross-device targeting, automatic updates and personalized relevance, have advertisers flocking to dynamic ads. Combining these advantages with Nanigans’ best-in-class automation and optimization tools can take your ad campaigns to the next level.

Dynamic ads for retail

Dyamic Ads retail - Dynamic Ads Topic PageDynamic ads were originally created with retailers in mind, and the industry has been using this ad unit to drive purchases since their introduction in 2015. There are several ways this ad unit can help retailers maximize revenue. Additionally, dynamic ads have been shown to increase mobile purchase rates and clicks across desktop and mobile.

Studies of Nanigans advertisers using dynamic ads have revealed impressive results. For example, when compared to campaigns leveraging only Website Custom Audiences for retargeting, dynamic ads drove an increased share of purchases.

Bangkok online retailer Pomelo turned to dynamic ads as a powerful retargeting solution. Over a 4-month period, Pomelo saw the following campaign results:


higher return on ad spend


increase in conversions


lower cost per acquisition

Trendin, one of the top ecommerce companies in India, also saw impressive results from running dynamic ads.

Trendin - Dynamic Ads Topic Page


Taking dynamic ads to the next level

Dynamic Ads travel - Dynamic Ads Topic PageDynamic ads aren’t only for retailers. Non-retail industries like travel, education and finance can also harness this impactful retargeting solution to drive leads, downloads and revenue on websites and apps.

The travel industry in particular has a lot to gain from dynamic ads. Because the customer journey to planning and booking a trip is long and winding, there are plenty of opportunities for travel advertisers to retarget audiences with ads that promote destinations or services that they’ve already shown interest in.

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