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Essential Resources for Social Video Advertising

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Video’s dominance on social media shows no signs of letting up. This engaging, mobile-friendly medium is quickly becoming an advertising essential on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, Facebook video ad budgets rose an astonishing 119% year-over-year between Q4 2015 and Q4 2016.

There are many reasons why forward-thinking marketing teams are making video a key part of their advertising strategy. Find out what makes video such an appealing ad unit option by exploring the essential resources below.

Lights, camera, creative!

video ad topic pageWhen crafting video ads, your creative needs to be top-notch. Videos put visuals in the spotlight, so videos need to instantly stand out. To learn which visual elements are best for catching the attention of audiences, watch this webinar featuring best creative practices for driving revenue with video ads.

Different social channels call for different video creative strategies. Learn which tactics fare best on sites like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Similarly, there are also industry-specific video creative best practices. See what drives revenue for businesses in retail, lead generation, and entertainment.

Strategies for video advertising success

video ad topic page 2Creative isn’t the only thing that matters in video ads. Marketing teams also drive ROI when they use strategies for generating views, clicks and revenue. To understand which of these tactics are currently delivering the mostvalue, take a look at these video advertising benchmarks.

Data-backed best practices are important to know when initially crafting your video ads. See which will get attention and generate conversions. Likewise, it’s important to know why factors like mobile-optimization, video length and programmatic play a role in the success of your campaigns. Elements like a strong call-to-action (CTA) and consideration for the audience viewer experience can also determine the effectiveness of your video ads. Most importantly, adhering to the 3-second rule will help you immediately attract viewers and keep them interested throughout the duration of your video.

Evolve your ads beyond digital

video ad topic page 3Social video ads and TV ads are not mutually exclusive. In fact, employing a multichannel marketing tactic that includes both TV and social can help your company reach audiences, increase awareness and drive revenue. Before your start on your cross-advertising journey, master these six creative best practices.

Once you’ve mastered the best way to expand your campaigns to include both social and TV, see which tactics are especially helpful when expanding on Twitter video ads. Or, take a page from these three brands that have been successfully expanded video ad campaigns across TV and social media.

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