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Take Your Video Ads to the Next Level with Insider Strategies from Nanigans

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The soaring popularity of social video ads is undeniable. With video ad budgets rising 119% from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016, advertisers in every industry are harnessing the power of video to drive awareness, sales, and leads.

Whether you’re just starting to explore the potential of video ads or have already made them a key part of your campaigns, Nanigans offers several capabilities that can give your campaigns an extra ROI boost. Take a look at these three strategies that Nanigans’ advertising experts recommend including in your next video ad campaign.

Drive purchases with slideshow ads

Is your marketing team looking to drive sales for your business? Whether you’re a retail advertiser showing off a wide variety of products or in the travel industry and want to promote various trip options, slideshow ads are an ideal ad unit for your goals.

Slideshow ads allow you to tap into the power of video without the high production costs. With this ad unit, you can repurpose promotional images by stringing them together into a video.


You can now create your own slideshow videos within an updated video dialog in Nanigans. These videos can be up to 30 seconds in length and can be used in any channel, but ideally as a “slideshow ad” on Facebook and Instagram.

Images can either be uploaded directly onto the timeline, or selected from the site’s existing image library. Once uploaded, you can customize the video with different aspect ratios, transition types, and image display formats. You can also adjust image duration and transition timing, either for the entire set of images or for each image individually. All video edits can be previewed in real-time.

Easily encourage downloads with URL video insert

Many companies, especially app and mobile game developers, already feature a promotional video on their website introducing visitors to their app’s benefits or user experience. Why not use that video to introduce your app to audiences on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Reusing website videos in social ads can be time consuming if you choose to download that video and then re-upload it to be used in an ad. Nanigans gives you the capability to simply insert your video’s URL into the software and build an ad from there. You can also do the same with images you currently host on your website.


You can bulk create new visual assets by typing or pasting a URL (or list of URLs) pointing directly to where those assets are hosted online. This is also a hand tactic for using videos that aren’t yet hosted on a public website but are hosted on a semi-private site. For example, if you’ve been provided access to an online library from a video creation company, you can simply paste the URL of a video in that library in Nanigans in order to use it in an ad.

Employ subtitles for lead generation

For advertisers hoping to generate leads, ad messaging is crucial. Audiences who don’t understand the purpose or benefits of your products and services featured in your video ads will quickly lose interest. That’s why including video subtitles is vital for marketers, especially those advertising complex products or services that can’t be explained through images alone.

Subtitles are also important for your video ads because it isn’t guaranteed that viewers will have the volume turned up on their devices when they watch your video ad. Uploading custom subtitles ensures that the message in your video is clear and accurate, and can be understood by audiences regardless of whether they watch your video with or without sound.


In Nanigans, you can upload SRT files for language-specific captions. When uploading a video to Nanigans, attach SubRip (.srt) files with customized subtitles, allowing Facebook to show the video with closed captions in a user’s specified language.

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