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The Instagram Advertising Resources Marketers Need to Read

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Instagram has quickly grown into a vital and powerful platform for direct response advertising. Over 1 million advertisers have discovered the value of pushing campaigns to Instagram’s massive audience of 700 million users.

If you haven’t yet explored the advertising potential of Instagram, now is the time to include the photo-sharing platform in your marketing plans. Make the most of your Instagram advertising campaigns with the following resources to help you craft ads that capture the attention of your audience while driving clicks and conversions.

Building the foundation for a strong Instagram strategy

Instagram 1 - Instagram topic pageInstagram’s user base and ad units make it an ideal platform for direct response advertising. Before initially running ads on the social site, marketers need to know several basic things about Instagram, such who uses it and what appeals to them.

Instagram offers several types of ad unit options, however, it’s still important to know which objectives each ad offering can help you achieve. It’s equally essential to know how to scale your advertising campaigns once you find a strategy that works. Luckily, there are several resources that can help you scale to achieve your Instagram advertising goals. Take your advertising to the next level with these insider secrets that allow you to fully seize the opportunity on Instagram.

Creative best practices for every Instagram advertiser

Instagram 2 - Instagram topic pageA visually-focused platform like Instagram calls for top-notch creative. Advertisers looking to craft Instagram ads with eye-catching creative have plenty of options to consider. A good starting point is following Instagram’s extensive list of creative best practices. There are also several other creative strategies to help boost the visual appeal of your ads, such as using bright colors and employing mobile-friendly creative.

Many advertisers are also discovering industry-specific creative tactics to help them reach their advertising goals. For example, retailers have found several ways to drive purchases with Instagram ads, including multi-image carousel ads. Mobile game advertisers have also found numerous strategies for driving downloads directly from Instagram ads. Even advertisers looking to generate leads are seeing success with Instagram ads.

Once you’ve found ad creative that works, you still need to refresh your ads to avoid audience ad fatigue. Additionally, you can replicate your success by repurposing images into your Facebook ads, or fully embracing cross-channel advertising on Instagram and Facebook.

While there is undoubtedly plenty of room to try out new creative approaches and experiment with different tactics, advertisers still need to be cautious that they don’t accidentally commit one of these disastrous Instagram advertising mistakes.

How marketers continually drive Instagram advertising success

Instagram 3 - Instagram topic pageWhile the tips mentioned above can help you boost the effectiveness of your Instagram ads, it also helps to learn from the success of other marketers. Learn how ticket seller SeatGeek used Instagram and Nanigans to see a 1.65X year-over-year increase in users installing its app from Instagram and Facebook.

Shoe retailer M. Gemi also saw success on Instagram thanks to Nanigans’ automated creative testing. Learn how this tool helped M. Gemi see a 3X reduction in cost per acquisition on Instagram compared to other channels.

These aren’t the only companies seeing great results on Instagram. Learn how other retail marketers are achieving higher returns for less, including a 179% return on ad spend and a 219% higher purchase rates.

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