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Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report: What Advertisers Need to Know

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Every year, marketers excitedly wait for Mary Meeker and KPCB to release the annual Internet Trends report. Like in years past, the 2017 report provides insightful information on rising digital marketing trends that will likely dominate the industry in the future.

So what findings are in this year’s report, and what does it mean for the future of your social advertising campaigns? Find out with the three takeaways below.

1. The acceleration of mobile continues

Mobile continued to dominate online advertising, with over half of the $73 billion in ad spend in 2016 going towards mobile devices.

Mobile ad spend - Mary Meeker Report Takeaways

Furthermore, the report illustrates that audiences are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Yet not all advertisers have committed to targeting them there, leaving a $16 billion opportunity in the United States for marketers.

time spent on mobile - Mary Meeker Report Takeaways

What this means for advertisers

Mobile is undoubtedly a major player in digital marketing, yet not all advertisers have moved to capitalize on this opportunity. Now is the time to increase your mobile presence, especially if your competitors have lagged in optimizing their mobile campaigns.

Try using mobile-friendly ad types like video or carousel ads. Or, if you haven’t already explored the potential of Instagram advertising, learn how you can easily repurpose your Facebook campaigns to this mobile-first platform.

2. Audiences are clamoring for video

People consider Facebook a hub for content, especially when it comes to video. Along with the growth of Facebook-related platforms like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, video viewing on the site has rapidly been on the rise.

video viewing - Mary Meeker Report Takeaways

What this means for advertisers

Because audiences are already watching videos on Facebook, including video ad units in your campaigns will help your ads blend in with this viewing habit.

When crafting your ads, make sure you’re aware of recent video advertising trends so you can deliver an optimized ad viewing experience. If production capabilities are a concern, learn how you can transform still images into video with Facebook’s slideshow ads.

3. Ads are becoming digital storefronts

Facebook users now have the ability to browse shoppable products right within their feeds.

ad storefront  - Mary Meeker Report Takeaways

What this means for advertisers

To transform your ads into an engaging digital storefront, try using ad units such as carousel ads which allow you to display multiple products within one ad.

Most importantly, make sure your ads have a call-to-action (CTA) button which will allow users to take immediate action if they see an item they want to purchase. If those users fail to buy an item on your site, retargeting them with dynamic ads allows you remind them of specific products that they showed interest in so they can return to your site and complete their purchase.

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