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Facebook’s Secrets for Mobile Ad Creative That Delivers Results

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The rapid migration to mobile should be no surprise to marketers. However, with the dominance of mobile brings some unique opportunities and challenges. How should advertisers tailor campaigns to be mobile-first, and what do they need to know about how potential customers respond to ads on mobile devices?

Facebook recently set out to address these questions and concerns with its report, “Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile“. In addition to providing vital stats and insights, the report also contains five important creative considerations to help advertisers craft creative that will resonate with audiences on smaller mobile screens. Read on for a summary of Facebook’s suggestions.

1. Use data as a creative muse

The importance of data cannot be overstated. Data-based insights can tell you a great deal about steering your ad campaigns – including influencing your creative. Take a look at your performance data to see which ad creative drives your desired action from your targeted audiences.

1. Data-Driven

Try running a creative test to develop a thorough understanding of which creative to replicate in future ads. For example, you may notice that ads featuring motivational language drives clicks to your website, or images of people using your products results in more purchases.

 2. Reimagine storytelling

Mobile video may be booming, but that doesn’t mean that audiences will watch your video ad to completion. Videos need to capture the attention of audience right from the start.


This means the storytelling can’t always rely on traditional approaches, like building to a payoff. Instead, you need to hook viewers immediately. In fact, a study commissioned by Facebook found that ads that delivered key messages within the first 10 seconds were correlated with stronger brand and message recall.

3. Use visual cues

According to Facebook, mobile is a visual-first platform. Visual cues in your ads will make your content stand out on mobile feeds, and are often the first thing that catches the eyes of potential customers.

3. Visual Cues

A study from Facebook found that people consistently look at the image portion of ads first. Therefore, finding the right image to communicate the message of your brand or products is vital for driving clicks.

4. Mix and match your assets

Facebook’s research has found that mixing online formats greatly impacts ad performance. For example, an advertiser may see success by serving a video ad, then retargeting with a static image. The most effective tactics vary by audiences, so be sure to test various mixes of assets to determine which has the greatest impact.

4. mix and match assets 1

5. Design integrated campaigns that allow for versatility

Facebook ad campaigns don’t need to exist only on Facebook. Once you’ve found a particular ad that is successful on Facebool, try giving it broader exposure by expanding the same ad on Instagram or Facebook’s Audience Network.

5. Integrate Campaigns 1

5. Integrate campaigns 2

According to Facebook, creating the right mix of assets will help ensure that audiences are seeing content that is most likely to grab their attention. While these ad units should contain consistent messaging, having some variety of assets will help you improve the likelihood of campaign success.

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