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How Gwynnie Bee, Framebridge and Marshalls Drive Sales with Mobile Video Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The rising popularity of mobile is on the mind of every marketer. As audiences move to devices like smartphones and tablets, marketing teams are migrating with them. With this shift comes a new set of considerations, such as what sort of ad units and creative are most effectively reaching mobile audiences. According to Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, video is key:

People are watching more video on Facebook than ever before, and changing how they connect with businesses. In a recent study Facebook commissioned with Kantar, 30% of mobile shoppers said video was the best way to discover new products.

Many retailers are already successfully driving sales with video ads that are designed with mobile elements in mind. Learn the best practices you should employ in your own mobile video ads by exploring the examples below.

Gwynnie Bee is bright and simple

Unlike desktop, mobile users can watch video ads on-the-go, which means they may view your ad in any scenario and surrounding. Mobile audiences can see your ad in locations that may also compete for their attention, such as riding on a crowded, noisy train, or browsing through their phone during a TV commercial break. Because of this, it’s important that your mobile videos are designed to capture their divided attention while delivering a concise message.

Clothing subscription brand Gwynnie Bee created a Facebook video that is fine-tuned for mobile viewing. The high-energy video is flashy and colorful, making it perfect for catching the eyes of distracted mobile viewers. The video also clearly states the benefits of Gwynnie Bee in bold and simple text that dominates the screen, making it easy to read on smaller mobile screens. By stating its selling points up front, Gwynnie Bee is able to ensure that viewers learn about the brand regardless of where this ad is viewed.

Framebridge makes its point in a slideshow ad

Not every advertising team has the resources to create high-quality, elaborate video ads. However, that doesn’t mean that video is not an option for them. Facebook and Instagram offer slideshow ads. This ad unit makes it easy for marketers to create video ads from still images. The visual nature of slideshow ads makes them a perfect fit for retailers, who tend to already have multiple images of their products. Additionally, this ad unit is a perfect fit for mobile, since this straight-forward, image-based ad unit makes it easy for mobile viewers to follow along.

Framebridge Instagram Slideshow Ad

Framebridge repurposes its still promotional images into this comprehensive Instagram slideshow ad. The ad acts as a video as it moves between each shot, yet doesn’t require high production involvement from Frambridge. Mobile viewers can easily get an idea of what the Framebridge ordering process is like, while also seeing the time-saving benefits of the framing service. Framebridge’s advertising team is able to harness the impact of video ads, while forgoing the hassle of extensive video production, with this sleek slideshow ad.

Marshalls sticks to one theme

It’s important to keep your video ads simple, especially when trying to reach mobile audiences. One way to keep clutter to a minimum is to dedicate each of your ads to only one theme, selling point, or type of product. Doing this will also make it easier to target your ads to specific audiences. For example, if your ad features only camping gear, then you can use targeting to reach users who have expressed interest in nature and outdoor activities.

Marshalls has a wide variety of products that it could feature in its Facebook video ad. Instead, the retailer takes the season into consideration and only features items in this mobile video ad that relate to outdoor summertime fun. Mobile users don’t need to view this entire ad to understand that they can stock up on seasonal necessities by shopping with Marshalls. Because of this simplicity, Marshalls is able to better drive clicks and sales by keeping its focus consistent throughout this entire video ad.

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