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3 Essential Advertising Strategies for Merry Mobile Holiday Shopping

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

The 2017 holiday shopping season is expected to be massively mobile. According to Facebook IQ, mobile-first shoppers (people who expect to complete a majority of their holiday purchases on mobile devices) increased last year.


of total Facebook conversions were on mobile during 2016 holiday season


year-over-year growth of mobile-first shoppers from 2015 to 2016 holiday season

This trend shows all signs of continuing during the 2017 season as well. With smartphones and tablets playing such a huge role in holiday shopping, it’s essential that marketers equip their advertising campaigns to reach audiences on mobile devices. Try out the following tips for a profitable and merry mobile holiday shopping season.

1. Video

As audiences increasingly rely on mobile devices, some ad units are better suited for reaching them on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Video ads in particular are ideal for catching the eyes of mobile users. In fact, a study from Facebook found that 30% of mobile shoppers say video was the best way to discover new products.

There are several ways advertisers use video to drive sales. Many choose to get in the holiday spirit by crafting creative that is distinctively seasonal. They also turn to slideshow ads as an easy solution for transforming still images into videos. This cuts down production costs for marketing teams, and provides an easy way to create product-focused ads. By running an ad that gets right to the point by showing off your available products, viewers can quickly and easily spot items that will make the perfect gift for their family or friends.

2. Canvas Ads

The holiday shopping season is a hyper-competitive time for advertisers. It seems like nearly every retailer is competing to make an impression on audiences as they shop for holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Facebook’s canvas can be a valuable tactic for standing out from the crowd. Since its introduction in 2016, canvas has been engaging and enthralling audiences with a mobile-friendly full-screen viewing experience.

Burberry Canvas Ad - holiday season advertising mobile

By combining a mix of images and video to create a seamless narrative, advertisers can show off their products in stunning detail. The immersive experience combines interactive elements, so users can do things like swipe through a Carousel of images, tilt to view panoramic photos and zoom in and out of pictures in detail. Include enticing call-to-action (CTA) buttons and you have an ad unit that’s fine-tuned to stand out from the competition while resonating with mobile shoppers and driving purchases.

3. Retargeting

The holiday season is notoriously busy, with many shoppers browsing and researching items whenever they have a free moment. With so many things on their minds, customers can easily forget about your brand or fail to complete their purchase while adding items to their shopping cart on your website. Because of this, retargeting is an exceptionally valuable and lucrative strategy for the holiday season.

Etsy Dynamic Ad - holiday season advertising mobile

Dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram are particularly useful for reminding users of items they browsed on your website. This personalized ad unit consists of multiple slides featuring viewed products or similar items that a user may like. Audiences are reminded of their previous interest in your brand, and they’re encouraged to return to your site to complete their purchase. As audiences jump between mobile and desktop devices during the rushed holiday season, dynamic ads’ ability to travel with those users on either platform is vital for ensuring that your products stay on their minds.

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