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Facebook Advertisers Enjoy Strong Q3 Thanks to Mobile, Video and Dynamic Ad Growth [Benchmark Report]

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

More than ever, Facebook has become an essential channel for profit-driven advertising. The latest trends from Q3 2017 show how marketers are maximizing every opportunity to drive revenue growth across its global network of users.

Nanigans’ new Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report, released today, highlights how mobile, video, and dynamic ads were the big stories of last quarter.

When it comes to mobile video ads, Mark Rabkin, Facebook’s VP of Ads and Business Platform, says that marketers should “measure results, not seconds.” New Nanigans data underscores how online retailers in particular are hearing this advice loud and clear. These marketers are highly performance-driven — focusing on profitably scaling sales and revenue growth — and they’re dramatically increasing spend on Facebook video ads targeting mobile shoppers.

In fact, ecommerce advertisers using Nanigans spent 40% more year-over-year on mobile video ads in Q3 2017.

Ecommerce Mobile Video Ad Spend

There’s much more exclusive data on the latest Facebook advertising trends in our full report. Findings include updated CTR, CPM, and CPC benchmarks, as well as new data-driven insights that will be critical for success during the competitive holiday advertising season ahead.

Inside the report, you’ll find:

  • CTR, CPM, and CPC benchmarks by vertical and geographic market
  • New indicators of how online retailers are doubling down on Facebook advertising
  • Insights on the explosion of mobile, video, and dynamic ads

Download the report today for valuable new insights to inform a more profitable Facebook advertising strategy in Q4 and beyond.

Download the Report

Q3 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

  • #1 most downloaded Nanigans report series
  • 24 key performance metrics
  • 6 full pages of expert insights

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