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Grow Revenue Profitably with Incrementality [Ebook]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

How can ecommerce marketers know for sure if they’re successfully allocating ad spend to people who will be influenced by ads? The answer lies in incrementality.

Incrementality is calculated as the difference in revenue between a treatment group (who see ads) and a holdout group (who do not see ads). This method of using RCTs (randomized control trials) allows advertisers to measure the additional revenue generated by advertising that otherwise would not have existed without the ad spend. The main benefit here is that marketing teams can now determine who is more likely to be influenced by their ads and then only serve ads to those people.

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Our comprehensive new ebook titled “All Things Incrementality: A Guide to Growing Revenue Profitably” explores the necessity of optimizing your advertising for incrementality to grow net-new revenue.

Inside the full ebook, you’ll discover:

  • How incrementality is measured and why it’s essential for increasing revenue
  • Why status quo measurements like multi-touch attribution are misleading
  • The reasons why legacy retargeting providers do not want you measuring incrementality
  • How ecommerce star Rue La La saw a dramatic revenue jump after optimizing for incrementality

Download the ebook below and learn how to take full advantage of incrementality to drive more revenue.

Download the Report

All Things Incrementality: A Guide to Growing Revenue Profitably

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