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Incrementality: 5 Steps to Get Started [Infographic]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

How much revenue does your brand generate when it spends money on advertising compared to when it doesn’t?

This is a critical question for any brand, and the answer lies in incrementality.

In short, incrementality is calculated as the difference in revenue between two groups: those assigned to a treatment group (who see ads) and those in a holdout group (who do not see ads). This difference reveals the additional revenue generated directly by advertising.

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Putting incrementality into practice is an adjustment for brands accustomed to a click-based attribution model. But when implemented correctly, an incrementality model can boost a brand’s net-new revenue significantly.

The infographic below offers five steps for marketers looking to assimilate incrementality into their advertising decisions.

Click here to download a full-size version of the infographic.

Nanigans - 5 Steps to Get Started with Incrementality

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