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Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet: Three Major Challenges [Ebook]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

Creating opportunities to engage with your remarketing audience in the right moments requires making media buying decisions across a fragmented internet. From the perspective of a marketer, there are now three internets: the Google internet, the Facebook internet, and the open internet.

Remarketing across all three obviously complicates remarketing and introduces three challenges for marketing teams.

Cross-Channel Orchestration

Because AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, and DSPs (demand side platforms) are independent systems, the media buying decisions of one system have no impact on the decisions of the others.

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But orchestration across the three internets is essential for delivering a positive user experience and making the most of marketing investments. The challenge for brands is to make sure that fast-moving users are exposed to the appropriate volume of remarketing messages across channels.


AdWords delivers ads across thousands of publishers in the Google Display Network. Facebook Audience Network is similarly expansive. And DSPs access over 100,000 websites and apps. The challenge for marketers is to maintain control of their content while using services that charge fees and keep data hidden. How can marketers control the quality of the inventory purchased with their ad budgets? And how can they have transparency about fees captured by advertising technology middlemen?

Incremental Lift

Remarketing audiences often represent a brand’s highest intent shoppers who will purchase with or without exposure to advertising. The challenge for brands: Figure out how to measure a baseline conversion rate to quantify the incremental value of their advertising and optimize remarketing campaigns to avoid spending ad dollars on users who would have purchased anyway.

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