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Calculate Your Missing Incremental Revenue

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

CPA (cost per action) and ROAS (return on ad spend) are two of the most popular digital advertising measurements, but neither measure what matters most to your bottom line: incremental revenue.

Incremental revenue is revenue generated by advertising that otherwise would not have existed without the ad spend.

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Everyone knows the goal of retargeting is to turn shoppers into buyers. But what if those shoppers were going to buy anyway, regardless of seeing your ad? Marketers often waste money pursuing revenue that was going to come anyway. Optimizing for incrementality changes the game so marketers can reach shoppers whose decision to buy hinges on seeing an ad. These are the shoppers who will generate net-new, or incremental, revenue.

Ignoring these incremental users can sacrifice revenue and profit in a big way.

Our new online incrementality calculator provides tips for determining which users have high incremental lift and also allows you to punch in revenue and budget numbers and see the potential net-new revenue your company could generate by optimizing ads for incrementality.

 Calculate Your Missing Revenue
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