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Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet: Outsourcing Strategy [Ebook]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

As part of our “remarketing on a fragmented internet” blog series, we’ve discussed the remarketing challenges ecommerce advertisers face on an internet divided into three worlds: Google, Facebook, and the open web.

We’ve also touched one of the remarketing strategies for navigating the three internets: The channel isolation strategy.

This post addresses another strategy: Outsourcing.

Brands that want to do remarketing aggressively but value ease of use will turn to managed services providers. Companies such as Criteo and Steelhouse orchestrate media buying across the three internets, and they have proprietary technology to automate the process.

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One advantage of this approach is it gives brands the comfort of having a partner managing the three internets for them. Brands also like the pay-for-performance fee model of outsourcing as well as the ability to reach more users on the open web through DSPs and publisher-direct header bidding partnerships.

A potential drawback, however, is that managed services operate in a proverbial black box, hiding information about ad spend and user data that a brand could use to get insights into who their audience is and how to reach them.

For more on the benefits and drawbacks of the outsourcing strategy — as well as an analysis of other remarketing strategies — click below to download our new free report, “The CMO’s Guide to Remarketing”.


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