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How Hopscotch Profitably Grows Online Sales with Facebook [Success Story]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

HopscotchHopscotch, the India-based online retailer of baby and kids apparel from more than 3,000 brands, has achieved tremendous growth since its founding in 2011. A critical factor behind their growth is a data-driven and strategic approach to digital advertising, particularly on Facebook.

Equipping an in-house marketing team to maximize growth and profitability

Since its early days, Hopscotch recognized that Facebook was a powerful channel for customer acquisition and retention. Unlike many online retailers, they decided not to outsource management of digital advertising, but instead to invest in an in-house team to take ownership and control of their growth.

When searching for a partner to equip their in-house marketing team to scale return on ad spend faster and more efficiently, Hopscotch turned to Nanigans. With Nanigans’ advertising automation optimizing Facebook ad spend, and a team of Nanigans experts offering strategic and tactical recommendations, Hopscotch saw ROI skyrocket.

Driving higher performance at ever-higher levels of scale

Hopscotch leveraged Facebook’s dynamic ads to drive high-value sales from new and existing customers, targeting interested shoppers based on behaviors including product views, add-to-carts, and prior purchases. Using Nanigans software to manage, optimize, and measure campaigns end-to-end, Hopscotch significantly improved performance.


return on ad spend for new customers


lift in return on ad spend (1-day attribution)


growth in purchases driven from Facebook

Based on campaigns between October 2017 and February 2018

Hopscotch Facebook Ad Spend with Nanigans
Not only has Hopscotch continuously improved campaign performance, but they have done so while dramatically increasing advertising investments—profitably growing bottom-line revenue at record levels of scale.

Hopscotch Ad Creative

“We’re taking a very customer-focused approach to advertising and we’re seeing record high customer retention. Nanigans’ predictive ad optimization enables Hopscotch to more profitably grow sales revenue.

By bidding and budgeting our dynamic ads with a sharp focus on ROI, we can more effectively reach our most profitable customers.

Nanigans and improvements in our business operations over the past year have helped us scale our ad spend 6X, grow purchase rates 9%, and increase ROAS 7%—all resulting in millions of dollars in new revenue for Hopscotch.”


Head of Marketing, Hopscotch

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