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Nanigans Wins MITX Award for Most Innovative Ad Technology

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

We’re thrilled to announce that Nanigans took home the prize last night for The Most Innovative Ad Technology at the 22nd Annual MITX Awards.

The award singled out Nanigans’ incrementality solution, which helps ecommerce marketers discover which consumers are most likely to be influenced by advertising. Brands can then dedicate ad spend to those consumers and stop wasting budget on consumers who would have purchased regardless of seeing an ad.

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“It was an honor to accept the award on behalf of all the amazing and passionate people who work at Nanigans,” said Ryan Kelly, Nanigans VP of marketing.

“It’s because of them that advertisers are finally realizing that incrementality is the best source of truth for measuring the impact of their advertising and optimizing their digital media spend. It allows advertisers to finally answer the question: ‘How much revenue do I get when I spend money on advertising relative to how much revenue I get when I don’t spend money on advertising?'”

The MITX (Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange) awards ceremony is an exchange of ideas and connections with hundreds of the best and brightest minds in the digital marketing, media, and tech.

Founded in 1996, MITX is a community of knowledge seekers who collaborate and drive how technology is shaping the future of customer experiences. The group curates and develops content, experiences and interactions that keep members ahead of the pace of change.

MITX members include Wayfair, Sapient Razorfish, Accenture, Forrester, TripAdvisor, and Rue La La, among many others.

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