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Introducing Live Ad Editing: Real-Time Control for Real-Time Results

Written by: Erik Mansur, VP, Product and Engineering

Nanigans is excited to announce a change to our industry-leading software suite designed to give user acquisition managers much more control over Facebook ad campaigns. Starting today, Nanigans users will be able to make widespread and wholesale changes to active ads, a feature designed to improve daily workflow and increase overall efficiency.

The idea to allow editing of active ads started with feedback from the most advanced and skilled Nanigans users. These digital advertising specialists told us they have hard-to-achieve ROI goals and low-margin customer acquisition targets that have to be achieved via advertising in an often volatile marketplace. Maximizing gains while mitigating losses are twin tasks that are arduous on their own, but are much tougher given the limited tools user acquisition managers often have at their disposal. They told us they needed more flexibility.

“Nanigans users specifically requested the flexibility to modify the creative content of their ads and expand or tighten their target audiences.”

Up until now, once an active ad has been built and released into the marketplace there are three changes a UA manager can make:

  • Adjust its bid within the auction
  • Increase or decrease the amount of potential spend that Facebook could allocate to it (its Ad Set budget)
  • Change the status of that ad, pausing down underperformers or re-activating ads that need a second chance

Our users make these decisions en masse using Nanigans award-winning reporting interface, selecting and making real-time adjustments to large swaths of ads within ever-growing subsets of active campaigns. Adjusting bids, budgets, and the status of ads are all useful capabilities, but Nanigans users wanted more. Specifically, they requested the flexibility to modify the creative content of their ads, expand or tighten their target audiences, and even adjust the contexts for which a user experiences their message.

The precise make-up of these active ads could always be changed mid-stream, but until now it could only be done on an individual ad-by-ad basis, and only through Facebook’s own native interface.

To that end, Nanigans has added a new selection to our reporting and optimization interface, aptly named “Edit”, which opens a new panel that looks similar to our ad building module. This panel will display the selected group of ads, pulled apart into the components that went into creating the ads.

From there, a user can make a change or multiple changes to all these ads at once, click “Save Changes” to confirm the edits, and then send the edited ads through to the Facebook Ads API.

Watch the video below for more instructions on how to makes edits to active ads.

Let’s say you’re a user acquisition manager, and you have a group of 300 active Facebook ads that all feature the phrase “Buy One, Get One Free!” While that promotion yielded good results, your merchandising team wants to adjust the offer to let customers purchase the second item at half the cost.

Normally, you’d have to delete the old ads and create an entirely new set of ads with the new copy. Or, you’d have to change each individual creative through a native interface, which could result in hours of additional work. But with Nanigans new Edit Live Ads functionality, you can select the ads with the outdated phrase, adjust that text field to read “Buy One, Get One Half Off!”, and confirm the change. The spend and CTR (click-through rate) history of those ads will stay intact.

You can also make edits to Audience information (e.g. changing the age range, adding a Country to a Country Group, adjusting a Precise Interests set to add or eliminate a keyword), as well as Context information (increasing the reach of an ad by adding more delivery locations, etc).

Watch the video below for more on these features.

These edits can be made at any time without fear that a brand new group of ads will have to be created. And those ads can always be changed back to what they were by starting the process over again and re-editing them as needed.

By adding the new Edit Live Ads functionality to Nanigans industry-leading reporting and optimization interface, we’ve made it easier than ever for an in-house UA manager to accomplish their day-to-day tasks, while maximizing net gains and mitigating losses.

If you’re already a Nanigans user, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team for consultation on how to best use the software.

But if you’re not a Nanigans customer, get in touch to get started.

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