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For First Time, Video Dominates Global Facebook Ad Spend as Investments Rise in Q2 2018 [Report]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

Nanigans’ latest Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report, released today, highlights the big themes of Q2 2018: increased spending on video, dynamic and mobile app ads among online retailers.

New Nanigans data underscores how marketers are investing heavily in these areas to target more users. In fact, the second quarter marked the first time in which video ads surpassed all other ad formats on Facebook for Nanigans’ global customers, with video’s share of total ad spend rising from 46% in Q1 to 51% this quarter.

In terms of global ecommerce advertisers using Nanigans, the share of total ad spend dedicated to video ads in Q2 jumped a significant 55% quarter-over-quarter.

Ad Spend by Format and Market Vertical

Other Q2 insights include:

  • Overall CPMs increased for ecommerce companies and game makers.
  • Ecommerce ad spending on dynamic and mobile app ads both skyrocketed year-over-year.

There’s more exclusive data on the latest Facebook advertising trends in our full report.

Inside the report, you’ll find:

  • CTR, CPM, and CPC benchmarks by vertical and geographic market
  • Trend data on the surge in ecommerce dynamic and mobile app advertising
  • Insights on a shift in value optimization strategy among game advertisers

Download the report for new insights on how to attain more profitable Facebook advertising in Q3 2018 and beyond.

Download the Report

Q2 2018 Benchmark Report

  • #1 most downloaded Nanigans report series
  • 24 key performance metrics
  • 6 full pages of expert insights

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