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Nanigans and Rovio Join Forces to Score with Facebook Playable Ads

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

Back in April, Finnish gaming company Rovio decided to beta-test Facebook’s new Playables digital ad format to see if Playables could deliver more Angry Birds Blast installs than traditional video ads.

With Facebook Playable ads — now available globally in the Facebook News Feed — potential players can demo a mobile game right inside the ad. The point of these ads is to allow users to get a feel for the game and thus be more likely to install the app and monetize within it.

Before going live with their Angry Birds Blast Playable ads, Rovio tapped Nanigans to help conduct a split test that compared the Angry Birds install ads in Playable format against control video ads that did not contain the Playable feature.

Rovio then served the ads to a lookalike audience that had characteristics of top U.S. game purchasers.

The results of the split tests revealed that the Playable ad formats delivered:


lower cost per install (versus control video ad)


higher click-through rate (versus control video ad)


lower cost per paying user (vs. control video ad)


lift in Day 7 ROAS (vs. control video ad)

For more details, read the full Nanigans-Rovio case study

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