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Instagram Stories: Ad Creative Can Make or Break Your Success

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

As Instagram Stories have exploded in popularity (there are now 400 million daily active users), unique and exciting advertising opportunities have quickly followed. I use the word “unique” because Stories offer a different aesthetic than we’ve seen on any social media site.

Stories are where users present an unfiltered, spur-of-the-moment version of themselves using video snippets, selfies, graphics and text. They craft clever micro-narratives with Stories and they expect Stories ads to do the same. Conventional ads — airbrushed photos and slickly produced videos — stick out in a bad way between all the gritty, shot-on-my-smartphone Stories.

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This “Stories Aesthetic” is forcing marketers to stop leaning on static images or repurposed TV commercials and consider the creative possibilities of producing ads that mesh with the Stories formatting and its users’ sensibilities.

Our new guide, “Instagram Stories Ads: Good Creative vs. Bad Creative”, covers this topic head-on with a comparison of what we consider good and bad ad creative for Instagram Stories, tips for creating successful Stories ads, and examples of brands embracing the format.

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