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How Retailers View the Tech Giants: Friend, Frenemy or Foe? [Infographic]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

Retailer relationships with big tech companies could be described as … complicated.

Our recent survey asked 100 U.S. retail marketing execs to share their thoughts on which tech companies are the friends and which are the foes in the complex world of digital marketing.

Not surprisingly, Google was viewed by the highest percentage as a friend, followed by Facebook. That’s understandable seeing these two tech giants are advertising platforms that help turn ad dollars into revenue.

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However, we were a little surprised by the chumminess toward Amazon. Forty-six percent of the 100 retail marketing executives we surveyed view Amazon as a friend, while only 13% considered it solely a competitor, which was about average compared to how retailers view other tech giants.

Amazon puts retailers in a tough spot with their advertising plans: it’s an ad platform that can boost sales, but it may also be the competition that keeps retailers up at night. Why? Because it owns retailers’ purchase data and knows when products are popular. It can then undercut a retailer with its own Amazon version of a product. But according to our survey results, retailers aren’t overly worried about it right now.

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Meanwhile, Apple is more likely to be a frenemy or a foe (Apple had the highest percentage of “foe” votes). Apple remains a looming threat likely due to its legendary marketing prowess and imposing brick-and-mortar presence.

Check out the infographic below for more. Click here or on the infographic to download a full-size version.

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