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Opening Up: The Inside Story of Nanigans’ New Brand

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

With a name like Nanigans, it’s no surprise that we’ve always taken an unconventional approach to performance advertising.

Back when so many digital marketers were blindly chasing clicks, we helped businesses grow by optimizing Facebook ads for LTV and incremental revenue. When the ad tech industry aligned around hidden media markups and performance black boxes, we pioneered reporting transparency and never inflated media costs. And when advertisers demanded more control, we built the best tools for the job and backed them with strategic support no one else could offer.

We hear it every day from our customers: to win in performance advertising, our challenger approach makes all the difference. But from the outside looking in, the competitive spirit behind Nanigans’ powerful software and incredible team hasn’t always been so clear.

Today we’re excited to change that perception as we introduce our new Nanigans brand. It’s designed to clearly convey who we are and why you want us on your team. Let’s dive in!

Redefining our story

We began the process of modernizing our brand by doing what we do best: digging into the data.

Through countless conversations with our customers, employees, partners, and friends, we collected valuable qualitative data to ground our thinking. We combed through it all and found four common values to form a rock solid foundation for an authentic new brand.

1. Smart

Nanigans is for the smartest digital advertisers out there. We don’t fall back on one-size-fits-all “best practices.” We write new customized playbooks—with novel machine learning applications and sometimes messy hacks—all designed to increase ROI the smart way.

2. Challenger

We’ve never been big fans of the industry status quo. The marketers we work with aren’t interested in being like everyone else because they’re in business to beat the competition. And our years of experience have proven that a challenger mindset is the best way to help advertisers compete better.

3. Inquisitive

From testing small variations in ad creatives to rethinking the true value of a newly acquired customer, Nanigans helps marketers ask the right questions. Our culture of experimentation means that no idea is too complex. We’ll give anything a shot in the name of performance.

4. Candid

It’s easy to be completely open and honest with our customers when we’ve got nothing to hide. We build close partnerships based on transparency and trust because it’s the right thing to do and it’s proven to be a winning strategy time and time again.

These core values capture what Nanigans is all about, and they led us to one conclusion: Nanigans powers an ownable competitive advantage that delivers the performance growing businesses need to win.

Put simply, Nanigans helps advertisers “Control more. Compete better.”

The new look of Nanigans

With our core values distilled and the concept of “Control more. Compete better.” defined, it was time to translate that foundation into a bold new visual identity.

First up: a brand new logo. Our old logo had served us well since 2010, but nearly a decade later, it had overstayed its welcome.

We needed something modern and meaningful—a mark that represented everything that makes Nanigans a leader. We may be biased, but we think our new logo does that and more.

Nanigans Logo Transformation

The new logo features a clean, stylized N icon, giving us a whole new level of flexibility for clearly representing the brand in any context.

But it’s not just a fancy N, of course. The mark is also a box with two open “doors” to represent the radical (and rare) level of openness and transparency Nanigans brings to ad tech. The doors are a path to out-of-the-box challenger thinking and a nod to never being boxed in by the industry status quo.

The lowercase “nanigans” and the cool blue colors combine to form a logo that looks undeniably modern, while connecting back to the original logo that so many people have come to recognize.

Our new logo is just the beginning. It comes along with a vibrant color palette, custom graphic patterns, clear iconography, and modern typefaces—all designed to work together to tell the Nanigans story.

Nanigans brand style

Starting today with the new website you’re on right now, you’ll see our evolved brand come to life across everything we do. And Nanigans customers will soon benefit from a fresh UI in our platform, featuring cleaner menus, improved data visualizations, and more, all aimed at providing a more efficient and intuitive experience.

New year, new Nanigans

A renewed commitment to helping the world’s top performance advertisers control more and compete better. A modern and flexible visual identity that captures the character of the global company we’ve grown to be. These two elements have come together to let us share our story in a whole new way.

Our new brand is just the start for Nanigans in 2019. We have big plans for the months ahead and we can’t wait to fill you in. Digital advertising is only getting more complex, but we’ll be here to cut through the noise, keep you in control, and deliver the competitive advantage you need to win.

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