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Don’t Limit Your Facebook Advertising to the Feed

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

When it comes to Instagram and Facebook advertising, news feeds are a lot like New York City: crowded and expensive.

But for anyone looking to make a name for themselves, New York is an important place to be.

Facebook and Instagram feeds play a similar role in the lives of ambitious performance marketers. Having a presence in the feed is table stakes for any brand doing paid social advertising. Our “share of ad spend” analysis from our Q1 Facebook Advertising Benchmarks Report reveals that Nanigans customers still dedicate 95% of their ad budgets to news feed ads.

However, that doesn’t mean it should be all feed all the time for your advertising. With average Facebook feed CPMs at over $10, advertising exclusively in the feed simply becomes too expensive and competitive for most brands to handle. Much like people who overspend and get overwhelmed by the crowds and competition of the Big Apple, it’s easy to fall into that trap with news feed advertising.

Facebook’s ad placement and ad format options

Thankfully, Facebook offers a variety of ways to extend advertising beyond the feed to attain lower CPMs, reach a broader audience and engage with users. Brands can go beyond the feed by physically moving to a different channel in the Facebook ecosystem. They can even let Facebook decide which channels to advertise on via its Automatic Placement feature (Facebook’s algorithm chooses the most effective channels and places the ads).

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Brands can also utilize new immersive Facebook ad formats like Canvas, Playables and Collections to pull users out of cluttered, homogenous news feeds and surround them with full-screen multimedia ads.

This idea of “thinking beyond the feed” is the topic of a new webinar from Nanigans and our partner CPC Strategy/Elite SEM.

The webinar is divided into two sections.

In the first section, CPC Strategy Manager of Performance Social Sarah Sanchez discusses options for non-feed ad placement, including Facebook and Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Marketplace. Sarah delves into the benefits of leveraging these channels (higher open rates, less competition, lower CPMs) as well as how to stand out creatively.

In the second section, Nanigans VP of Product and Engineering Erik Mansur discusses how the news feed became a “sea of sameness” and how Facebook “Instant Experience” ad formats like Canvas, Playables and Collections can take users out of feeds and truly engage them with video, product image carousels and gameplay. Erik also highlights enviable metrics that well-known brands have achieved using “Instant Experience” ads.

Various live polls within the webinar shed light on what today’s performance marketers are doing to expand beyond the feed.

Click below to enjoy recordings of both webinar sessions. Just click and watch. No form required.

Click here

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