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Performance Advertiser Spend Trends By Quarter [Infographic]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

When it comes to budgets for performance advertisers, every quarter tells a different story depending on the industry. One brand’s Q4 is another’s Q1.

For instance, the fourth quarter — especially November and the first half of December — is the time when ecommerce companies make a significant portion of their revenue. And as expected, Facebook/Instagram ad spend for ecommerce spikes during this time.

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Yet for companies focused on lead generation, Q4 is typically a time to dial down ad spend. Why? Because a) a high volume of advertisers flood the market for the holidays and raise CPMs and b) consumers are too distracted by holiday shopping and parties to focus on long-term purchases.

Gaming companies, on the other hand, tend to boost ad spend when they release new games and when new smartphones hit the market (new smartphone = potential game downloads).

The infographic below breaks down 2018 ad spend among Nanigans’ gaming, lead gen and ecommerce customers. We offer up a quarter-by-quarter analysis based on real global ad spend data. We also include our best explanations for ad spend peaks and valleys.

Do these quarterly spend trends line up with yours?

Click here to download the infographic as a PDF


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