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Six Reminders for Successful Facebook Dynamic Ads

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

Dynamic ads — aka “personalized ads” — are any ads that pull from a product feed and change automatically based on information about a user.

By combining data captured by the Facebook pixel placed on advertisers’ websites and various targeting strategies, advertisers can run efficient prospecting and retargeting campaigns using dynamic creative.

It’s worth noting that, despite assumptions, Facebook dynamic ads are not only used for retargeting. Facebook’s DABA (dynamic ads for broad audiences) feature allows advertisers to apply the same product feed they use for retargeting to prospecting. Brands will have to trust Facebook’s machine learning to put the optimal ads in front of both known website visitors and high-potential users who have never visited the site.

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Digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger is now so competitive that ads must be personal to catch consumers’ eyes. When ads are customized for users based on their behavior or intent, purchases are simply more likely to happen.

But whether your goal is retargeting or prospecting, keep these six best practices in mind.

Keep your product feed updated

A product feed is a list of your products and attributes of those products (title, link, description, etc). A feed is organized so that each product can be displayed, advertised or compared in a unique way.


To run dynamic ads successfully, you must have a consistently updated product feed that only contains products available for purchase on your site. By having feed rules in place for products explicitly listed as “in stock” you’ll avoid wasting budget advertising sold-out products. And just as important, you won’t send eager consumers to a page saying “out of stock” and potentially lose them for good.

Also keep in mind that products that don’t meet image specifications will not appear in your dynamic ads. For square (1:1) aspect ratios in the carousel ad format, your image should be 600×600. For single image ads, your image should be at least 1200×630. Facebook also recommends using high resolution photos (1080×1080).

Stay on brand

Remaining consistent with your brand guidelines for dynamic ads helps users easily recognize the ad as yours and indicates the ad is credible.

It’s always critical to keep the copy and creative in your ads relevant to your target audience. Your imagery, video content and messaging should speak to your audience and adjust if the audience changes.

Staying relevant is a core Facebook advertising best practice. Dynamic ads make this easier by curating content based on specific user behavior and purchasing history.

Make ad copy simple and memorable

Digital ads don’t stay in front of eyes for long (about five seconds on average and less than that for Stories ads). You don’t have the time, not to mention the space, for a lot of words.


Ad copy needs to follow the “four C’s rule” and be catchy, conversational, concise and include a call-to-action. The rule of thumb for any Facebook ad unit is that copy should never take up more than 20% of that ad. Be quick, simple and quirky with your copy whenever possible.

Always include a price

Product prices should be listed in your ad creative. On average, ads that include the price in their creative receive more clicks. If the product is on sale for specific dates, you can add a sale price in your product feed.

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There are possible exceptions to this rule when you have very expensive products in your feed. Perhaps you don’t want to show the price tag on that $2,500 Louis Vitton travel bag, but in most cases it’s beneficial to list prices.

Link directly to products

To boost purchase rates, be sure to have links go directly to products in your mobile app or to product pages on your website. A consistent user flow from ad click to landing page is crucial. If you advertise a product, drive the user to that product. Not doing so is sure to alienate a potential customer.

Don’t let ads get stale

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping ads fresh. Depending on the size of your audience, consumers experience ad fatigue quickly.

You should track frequency, impressions, CTRs, conversions, and purchases to monitor for ad saturation and then update your ad creative and copy as often as the data dictates.

Dynamic ads are a powerful tool for advertisers to show the most relevant content to Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger users. By effectively using the available ad types, properly configuring your product feed and applying our creative best practices to your campaign, you’ll take full advantage of dynamic ads to drive more sales.

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