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Performance Advertising News Roundup: CMOs in Survival Mode, Boomers Most Wary of Brands on Social

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

This week in performance advertising news, we’re highlighting key stories from Marketing Dive, eMarketer, Ad Age and Marketing Land.

Read on for more details.

CMOs Are in a ‘Desperate Fight for Survival,’ Forrester Says

Forrester cites the 20-year-old transition to digital as the key force behind the transformation of CMOs from brand-builders to data-focused, short-term revenue drivers. -Read the full story at Marketing Dive

Boomers Are Least Likely to Want to Interact With Brands On Social Media

Baby boomers’ wariness about interacting with brands on social media likely reflects an unease about digital privacy, according to a survey from Adobe and Advanis. -Read the full story at eMarketer

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3 New Places to Find Gen Z (By a Memeber of Gen Z)

Generation Z, ages 7 to 22, can usually be found on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. But these aren’t the only platforms for this younger generation. Here are a trio of new places where Gen Z spends its time today. -Read the full story at Ad Age

Responsive Ads Come to Facebook with Multiple Text Optimization

Facebook has rolled out a new responsive ad feature — dubbed Multiple Text Optimization — which allows advertisers to create several versions of headlines, ad copy and descriptions for single-media ads. -Read the full story at Marketing Land

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