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Performance Advertising News Roundup: Late Thanksgiving’s Impact on Retailers, Five Marketing Misfires

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

This week in performance advertising news, we’re highlighting key stories from AdExchanger, Marketing Dive, eMarketer and Marketing Land.

Read on for more details.

How This Season’s Late Thanksgiving Impacts Retail Advertising

The late Thanksgiving this year means there’s one fewer week in the prime shopping period between Black Friday and Christmas. But does it matter if there are fewer days for shopping sprees this year? Yes and no. -Read the full story at AdExchanger

5 Marketing Misfires from 2019 that Show Brand Vulnerability Is Growing

While every year brings its share of marketing misfires, consumer responses felt particularly strong these past few months, reflecting how expectations around accountability are growing steeper in the digital era. -Read the full story at Marketing Dive

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TV Will Drop Below 25% of Total US Ad Spending By 2022

US TV ad spending will drop almost 3% this year, and a 1% bump in 2020 from the presidential election and Summer Olympics will not stave off a long-term decline for ad spending on the biggest traditional channel. -Read the full story at eMarketer

How Retailers Can Optimize Facebook Ads for Direct Response vs. Brand Building

Here’s a breakdown of the four major factors — audience, ad creative, budget allocation and measurement — needed to run direct response and brand building campaigns on Facebook. -Read the full story at Marketing Land

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