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Performance Advertising News Roundup: Mobile In-Game Advertising Takes Off, Facebook CMO Weighs In on Rebrand, Diversity

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

This week in performance advertising news, we’re highlighting key stories from eMarketer, Forbes, Ad Age and Modern Retail.

Read on for more details.

Why Mobile In-Game Advertising Is Taking Off

eMarketer analyzed several ad formats that game developers are offering brands as part of proactive user acquisition strategies, from playables and interstitials to rewarded video and banner ads. -Read the full story at eMarketer

Facebook CMO Weighs in on Rebrand, Political Ads and Diversity

Speaking to top CMOs from both large U.S. brands and direct-to-consumer startups, Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio discussed the process of rebranding Facebook as well as other issues including improving diversity within the company. -Read the full story at Forbes

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How to Gain First-Party Data Without Creeping Out Customers

Privacy invasion might be one of 2019’s biggest issues. The controversy, particularly concerning what brands are allowed to know and use about customers, is poised to continue into next year. Here’s how marketers can persuade customers to share their data. -Read the full story at Ad Age

Beyond Pop-ups: How Brands Look for Low-cost Ways to Test Physical Retail

Pop-ups that run for a few months can be expensive. That’s why many younger brands are striking up partnerships with other DTC brands to display products in their stores, or partnering with companies outside retail to display products or host events. -Read the full story at Modern Retail

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