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Nanigans Sells Social Ad Biz, Invests in Incrementality

Sprinklr acquires Nanigans’ social ad business to create a complete customer experience management platform. Nanigans will continue investing in its incrementality business. Read more here.


Control more. Compete better.

Unmatched expertise. A battle-tested platform. We're your performance advertising advantage.

Here’s a secret

The most competitive app developers and online retailers alike call Nanigans their secret weapon in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

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Performance is our proof

Higher incremental sales. Record in-app purchases. Growing average order values. We’ve done it all, at scale, for ten years and counting.

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Rue La La


Kayla Itsines



Launching multiple creatives to multiple audiences across multiple geographies, all at a large scale, is a fairly seamless process with Nanigans. The platform also helps us optimize further than what Twitter’s native tools are able to do, toward the actions we care about.

Eitan Katz, Dashlane

Nanigans offers the best ad analytics in the industry, providing unmatched insights, transparency, and control over how our bids are placed and what’s truly driving performance.

Patrick Baker, Wayfair

We’ve been interested in incrementality for years, and Nanigans has enabled us to directly optimize for incremental sales.

Jeff Steeves, Rue La La

The Nanigans platform and the exceptional support team have been instrumental in Lords Mobile’s success. ‘Set and forget’ campaigns that auto-optimize creatives and targeting have saved us a lot of time and boosted ROI.

Eugene Konash, IGG

Nanigans enabled us to not only drive advertising automation and efficiency, while achieving our return on investment and user acquisition goals, but also utilize Facebook to its fullest potential by testing new products and features. We were able to accelerate business growth by 20% as a result of the exceptional support from Nanigans’ and Facebook’s teams.

Bryan Ong, Sweat App with Kayla Itsines

Having worked with many other advertising tools, Nanigans software has made it much easier to structure campaigns and iteratively test different approaches to understand where we can scale performance to meet our goals.

François Mahl, Moo

Nanigans and improvements in our business operations over the past year have helped us scale our ad spend 6X, grow purchase rates 9%, and increase ROAS 7%—all resulting in millions of dollars in new revenue for Hopscotch.

Anirudh Dharmagadi, Hopscotch