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A Step in the Right Direction: M. Gemi Scales Cost-Efficient Customer Acquisition on Instagram

M. GemiNot bound by convention and uncompromising on quality, M. Gemi stands for accessible Italian craftsmanship. The brand is obsessed with making handcrafted shoes and delivering them directly to clients at uncommon prices.

Stepping on a New Platform

M. Gemi wanted to expand its advertising efforts by retargeting people on Instagram who have interacted with its Facebook ads. It aimed to increase brand awareness and drive online purchases for both its women’s and men’s product lines.

M. Gemi had found success with Facebook advertising, but wanted to reach people on Instagram, too. The company soon found that its Instagram campaigns performed dramatically better than campaigns on other channels, even when it targeted identical audiences.

Instagram has proven to be an effective channel for re-engaging with our Facebook audience, and has seen a 3x lower cost per acquisition and 2x higher conversion rates compared to our other channels. We’re really excited to continue spending on these placements, and would like to double our efforts on Instagram going forward.

Edward Staples, Acquisition Marketing Manager, M. Gemi

The SolutionM. Gemi Instagram Ad

Using campaign management, optimization, and reporting tools from Nanigans’ advertising automation software, M. Gemi developed a series of best practices for future campaigns. For instance, the company found that its best performing ads usually had text directly on the image, allowing these ads to stand out against typical Instagram content. For its ads targeted to men, however, the company found that less text-focused creative was most effective.

Armed with this information, the brand reshaped its Private Sale events campaign. The ad creative presented M. Gemi’s most popular shoes, with the text calling out the name of the shoe and the name of event. A “Shop Now” call-to-action button appeared below the image to encourage people to make an online purchase.

The Results

M. Gemi’s advertising campaign on Instagram was highly successful and saw a 3X reduction in cost per acquisition compared to other channels.


lower CPA than other channels


higher conversion rate than other channels


of sales generated by Instagram


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