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Akulaku: Boosting In-App Purchase Rates with Facebook App Event Optimization

Success story

To break into the Southeast Asian market, ecommerce company Akulaku worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans to connect with tech-savvy audiences, increasing app installs by 50% and return on ad spend by 2X.

Selling on installment

Akulaku is an ecommerce company that stocks electronics and fashion products, offering them for purchase via flexible payment options, including paying in installments. The company operates in Southeast Asia and provides localized services to its customers.

Attracting online shoppers

Akulaku wanted to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, building its customer base in Indonesia, and establishing itself in Vietnam and the Philippines. Additionally, the ecommerce site aimed to boost downloads of its app by attracting customers who preferred online shopping.

Targeting high-value consumers

To help realize its ambition of solidifying influence in the Southeast Asian region and reaching more potential customers, Akulaku worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans.

Because of its considerable experience in the realm of ecommerce, Nanigans was able to provide Akulaku with crucial strategic insights and incorporated them into the highly localized campaign. To ensure that app install volumes increased, Nanigans took a novel approach with the ad creative and used Facebook app event optimization—a tool more often used for gaming and mobile apps—to ensure it reached its target audience.

App event optimization is the ability to show mobile app install ads to the people who are most likely to take a specific action in an app. The team used app event optimization to target its ad campaign to high-value consumers who were considering purchasing its products, as well as to those who had used the app before.

More customers, more profits

With the help of Nanigans’ ad automation expertise and Facebook’s app event optimization, Akulaku gained a steady stream of new customers. Compared to other campaigns that Akulaku ran between April–May 2018 without Nanigans’ help, this one-month campaign achieved impressive results.


increase in return on ad spend


increase in app installs


increase in 7-day purchase conversion rate


increase in scaled credit applications

We were able to take our Facebook marketing to the next level by leveraging the the expertise of Nanigans and using innovative and precise solutions such as app event optimization to tackle the age-old challenge of scaling up our ecommerce business.

- Tina Li, Marketing Manager, Akulaku
Download the Case Study [PDF]


This case study was originally published here by Facebook.

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