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APAC Retailer Pomelo Increases Conversions 10X with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads

TrendinPomelo is an online fashion retailer that gives people curated fashion from Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. Based in Bangkok, the company draws inspiration from street style and the catwalk, and targets style-savvy women across the globe.

The goal

A large proportion of Pomelo’s traffic comes from Facebook. The retailer wanted to convert those leads, boost its return on ad spend and minimize its cost per acquisition by reaching potential and existing customers efficiently.

“We’re always looking for ways to customize our ads for each shopper. With dynamic ads, we can be sure that our target audience is seeing what really matters to them at that point in time. And what really saves time for our team is that the ads are paused as soon as an item is out of stock.”

Napasagorn Vibulsrisajja (Belle), VP of Marketing, Pomelo

The solution

Pomelo worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans, an ad technology company, to run a highly efficient campaign and make smarter decisions about where to spend its ad budget.

Nanigans used its automation software to create a Custom Audience of people who viewed selected products on Pomelo’s website or took certain actions like adding a product to their cart or completing a product. Nanigans then ran dynamic ads to promote relevant products based on what people had been browsing. Using dynamic ads, Pomelo could promote its entire catalogue of 1,500 products in real time. Ads paused as soon as items sold out, so people only saw what was in stock.


Nanigans’ predictive optimization software helped take the ads to the next level. It calculated the lifetime value of various audience segments, taking conversion rates and revenue into account. It then automatically adjusted the ad buying process to use the best-performing creative. Nanigans’ automation feature, the Creative Tester, also identified the best-performing creative for specific audience segments—and on a massive scale. Nanigans also constantly refreshed the creative, so people didn’t tire of it, which helped maximize conversions.

The success


higher return on ad spend


increase in conversions


lower cost per acquisition

Dynamic ads helped Pomelo engage with previous customers and boost loyalty, as well as remind shoppers about products they’d been considering. The 4-month campaign, which ran from October 1, 2015–January 31, 2016, delivered highly cost-efficient conversions.


Download the Case Study [PDF]
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