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How Improved Facebook Ad Performance While Unlocking 68% Time Savings with Nanigans promise of advertising automation is that the right technology can unlock unprecedented efficiency. For, greater efficiency in digital advertising means they can introduce more people around the world to their innovative hearing aid solutions. partnered with Nanigans to achieve more efficient and profitable customer acquisition through Facebook advertising, turning the promise of growth into a reality.

Real Results: Unlocking Efficiency at Scale

After adopting Nanigans as their in-house solution for scaling customer acquisition campaigns, realized dramatic time savings—averaging 68% greater time efficiency—over their previous workflows. Chart


total time savings with Nanigans


outperformance on cost per lead targets with Nanigans

Note: The majority of campaign management time for is spent in reporting and optimization. The 68% total time-savings reflects weighting toward these workstreams.

With such significant time savings and performance gains,’s in-house team could focus much more on strategic growth across Facebook and Instagram.

What’s the story behind their success?

Ad Creation Designed for Scale manages many large-scale campaigns targeting a number of different audience segments within various markets. Quickly iterating on those ads to drive optimal performance is critical.

“The time investment for setting up new campaigns immediately pays off thanks to faster iteration with the ability to reuse and rebuild ad components in Nanigans.”

NADINE ZIRNSAK, User Acquisition Manager –

With Nanigans, takes advantage of reusable ad building blocks that can be deployed with any ad type. And when a high-performing ad is in need of fresh creative, the team can quickly “rebuild” only the elements they want to change—no need to start from scratch.

Flexible, Full-Funnel Reporting

Industry-leading reporting is at the core of Nanigans. uses custom reports to quickly assess performance across their entire lead conversion flow, incorporating real-time data from both online and offline events.

“Pre-saved reporting views significantly speed up daily performance checks. For more detailed analyses, we can drill down from topline to ad-level insights in seconds.”

Built-in ad delivery breakdowns with hundreds of customizable metrics and filters bring granular performance data to the forefront. All this data is easily shareable through tailored reports accessible to’s entire in-house advertising team.

Intelligent Value-Driven Optimization

Constantly having to manually adjust campaigns requires a major time investment, but leverages Nanigans optimized bidding to automate those changes based on performance goals.

“Nanigans’ optimized bidding and stop loss optimization help usautomate many of the decisions key to scaling within our KPIs.”

Simultaneously, Nanigans’ stop loss optimization intelligently pauses ads when they are not delivering optimal performance, saving time and eliminating the risk of inefficient ad spend.

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