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How MyTona Scored Big with Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Video Ads

MyTonaThis case study was originally published here by Facebook.

MyTona worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans to run large-scale campaigns for a new puzzle-based mobile game, achieving a 20% higher return on ad spend than on previous campaigns.

Their Story: Immersive mobile games

MyTona is a gaming company based in Yakutsk, Siberia that develops quest-based mobile games. Seekers Notes, a recently launched game from the studio, is among the top 10 highest-grossing iPad games in the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Their Goal: Seeking more bang for the buck

The gaming company wanted to scale up its advertising efforts and surpass previously established goals for return on ad spend by using Facebook’s value optimization tool.


higher average purchase value


higher return on ad spend


increase in purchase conversion rate

MyTona had been successfully using Facebook’s app event optimization tools to find valuable leads for its acclaimed Seekers Notes game. However, spotting an opportunity to further boost performance, the company partnered with Nanigans on a value optimization campaign that used Mytona’s insights into its best customers to target ads to similar high-value iPhone gamers.

Nanigans tested several different video ads to see which would perform best, quickly incorporating what it learned into the developing campaign. For the creative, the ad technology company opted to use both horizontal and vertical videos, which people interacted with more than still images.

The campaign targeted women above the age of 18, in all parts of the world except the US, China, Japan and Korea. To reach people who were most likely to be interested in Seekers Notes, Nanigans worked with MyTona’s own information about which of its customers had the highest lifetime value, and used it to create Custom Audiences of those players, and lookalike audiences based on them.


“User acquisition for gaming applications is time-sensitive and very competitive. It is important to react to market changes quickly and accurately to outdo your competitors and get better results. Nanigans has proven to be a great product for us to reach these goals. Utilizing the reporting, ad creation and optimization tools, we made good decisions and improved our results.”


Marketing Manager – Social Media, MyTona

Their Success: Winning over new players

Facebook’s value optimization tool helped MyTona attract more players to Seekers Notes with its November–December 2017 campaign. Compared the company’s previous campaigns using app event optimization, this one delivered:

  • 20% increase in return on ad spend
  • 47% higher in average purchase value
  • 39% increase in purchase conversion rate

Download the Case Study [PDF]

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