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How Volka Mastered the Facebook Advertising Game and Grew Revenue 50% with Nanigans

VolkaFor social and mobile game makers, acquiring users and growing revenue requires a sophisticated approach to digital advertising, particularly on Facebook.

With expert support and an industry-leading platform, Volka has found working with Nanigans to be key in evolving its approach and building a competitive edge.

Volka’s flagship game title, Taonga: The Island Farm, was an instant hit. The company’s in-house marketing team knew that to sustain their momentum after a successful launch, they needed to invest in user acquisition to bring the fun of Taonga to a global audience.

With limited team resources and increasingly complex campaigns, Volka felt time-constrained using Facebook’s native tools, and partnered with Nanigans to develop and execute a sustainable growth strategy.

Their success is a great example of what’s possible with the right combination of industry expertise and advertising automation on Facebook.

Game-Changing Performance


growth in Facebook ad spend


higher 1-day average revenue per install


growth in new game installs

Partnering with experts to realize your full growth potential

Taonga Island FarmVolka’s partnership with Nanigans began with a thorough audit to review past success and identify immediate opportunities for greater scale and efficiency.

The analysis covered audience segments, creative, optimization strategy, and more, culminating in a 12-week launch plan to dramatically scale ad spend while meeting aggressive performance targets.

Key to Volka’s success was Nanigans University, an interactive training program to arm their in-house team with the skills they need to maximize growth on Facebook using Nanigans advertising automation software.

Thanks to a thorough training and on-boarding program with our Nanigans team, we quickly launched and scaled complex global campaigns, all while achieving our ROI goals.

Unlocking performance at scale with industry-leading platform

With their Nanigans team by the side, Volka took full advantage of Nanigans software, with reporting, ad building, and optimization central elements in their success.

Actionable reporting for deeper performance insight

Nanigans’ granular reporting tools enabled Volka to uncover and capitalize on new high-value audience segments to introduce Taonga to new global markets.

Iterative ad building for faster growth

Since ad creative and targeting can make or break performance, Volka used Nanigans’ ad rebuilding workflow to quickly refresh creative and scale ads to new audiences.

Revenue-based optimization for higher ROI

Volka leveraged Nanigans’ optimization to automatically pause under-performing ads and adjust bids to profitably reach users most likely to generate higher in-game revenue.

Building a foundation for profitable growth

Benefiting from both Nanigans’ software and expert support, Volka successfully doubled Facebook ad spend and game installs, while growing average revenue per install by 50% — out-performing their 3-day ROI goals. This success came with a dramatically more efficient workflow, making further growth not only possible, but sustainable as well.

The team is using lessons from Taonga’s success to continue their winning strategy for further profit-driven acquisition and reengagement on Facebook at scale.


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