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IGG: Growing a loyal user base with Facebook app event optimization

Success story

The gaming company worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans on video and mobile app ad campaigns to attract and retain high-quality users, resulting in a 2X growth in 7-day return on ad spend.


Thematic, strategy-based gameplay

I Got Games, abbreviated as IGG, is a Singapore-based gaming company with a primary focus in video games and gaming software development. To date, some of its most successful games have been Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords and Deck Heroes.


Seeking valuable players

IGG wanted to attract high lifetime-value players for its game Lords Mobile and improve its return on ad spend.

Optimizing for register and purchase

IGG had been struggling to attract players, especially high-quality ones who would play actively and spend money in its games. That’s why the gaming ˜irm started working with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans to tap into Facebook’s campaign management and optimization capabilities. The team used Nanigans’ ad automation technology to build and run the campaigns. Video ads targeted to a Custom Audience of IGG’s current players encouraged them to be more active in the game. To reach new players, IGG built lookalike audiences based on the Custom Audience to precisely target high-value gamers similar to its existing players, and served them mobile app install ads. To further re˜ine its target audience, IGG and Nanigans incorporated Facebook’s app event optimization, which allowed them to optimize the ads to speci˜ically reach people who have taken certain actions in games, such as registering or purchasing. The team also used value optimization in conjunction with the Facebook pixel to reach people who had made in-game purchases in the past.

High scores with high returns

IGG’s app event optimization and value optimization campaigns expanded its base of active Lords Mobile players, re-engaging existing players and recruiting new high-value gamers with the help of Nanigans’ efficient algorithms. The campaigns achieved:



​growth in 7-day return with app event optimization and value optimization

Facebook is an integral channel partner known for its high-quality targeting, and we have benefited from that. We will continue to invest in Facebook in order to keep a healthy ecosystem within our games. With Nanigans’ intelligent ad automation software, we were able to effectively leverage Facebook’s purpose-built ad products to share IGG’s passion for gaming.

- Mark Zhang, CTO, IGG
Download the Case Study [PDF]


This case study was originally published here by Facebook.