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Online Jeweler CaratLane Achieves ROI Gold with Nanigans and Facebook Advertising

CaratLaneCaratLane has transformed the growing market for luxury jewelry in India by pioneering an ecommerce strategy built around the modern consumer. Critical to their success has been a central focus on digital advertising—particularly on Facebook.

When CaratLane’s in-house marketing team began hitting the limits of what Facebook’s native ad tools could do, they turned to Nanigans to drive higher returns and accelerate growth on a massive scale.

Eliminating Obstacles to Growth

With only Facebook’s native tools to manage, optimize, and measure ad campaigns, CaratLane’s marketing team found their growth potential was capped. Partnering with Nanigans and adopting its full-funnel platform enabled the company to move beyond these obstacles and achieve new levels of growth and profitability.CaratLane App

Smarter investments with crystal clear ROI reporting

CaratLane is a highly data-driven company. They needed greater insight into how customer acquisition and retargeting campaigns on Facebook were actually driving purchases on their desktop and mobile properties.

Nanigans’ actionable reporting tools gave CaratLane an entirely new level of visibility into cross-device ROI across the full customer buying journey. Real-time purchase data coupled with true lifetime value reporting meant that CaratLane could analyze a unified dataset and make smarter decisions about where to allocate their ad budget most effectively.

Faster growth with workflow automation built for scale

Another challenge CaratLane looked to Nanigans to solve was automating many of the manual campaign management tasks that come with large-scale acquisition and retargeting on Facebook.

The company found that Nanigans software is designed for this exact business need. When CaratLane needed to refresh ad creative faster to maximize relevance with their target audiences, they could easily rebuild top ads with new creative in Nanigans, rather than set up each new iteration from scratch.

When it came time to efficiently grow retargeting campaigns, CaratLane worked with their Nanigans team to quickly import their product feed to automate individualized remarketing at scale with dynamic ads.

Higher profits with revenue optimization

Enabled by technology and implemented in partnership with their Nanigans team, CaratLane has adopted a profit-driven approach to Facebook advertising. The company previously optimized campaigns based on lowering costs—a common practice—and in the process left some high-value potential customers behind.

CaratLane employed Nanigans’ predictive revenue optimization to dynamically reallocate ad spend based on downstream events, like add-to-carts, that signal a strong intent to buy. This approach is just the beginning of a new profit-driven strategy, as the company can now optimize toward revenue, repeat purchases, and more. And with automated stop loss protection across audience segments, CaratLane’s risk of wasted ad spend is dramatically lower.

Breaking Performance Records at Scale

Taking full advantage of Nanigans’ software and strategic support resources has helped CaratLane achieve return on ad spend (ROAS) that far exceeds their expectations. Across Facebook customer acquisition campaigns, CaratLane achieved ROAS growth of 150%. And for integrated retargeting campaigns, ROAS soared 75% over the company’s initial target.

CaratLane dramatically surpassed performance goals using Nanigans


higher ROAS on customer acquisition


higher ROAS on retargeting

With a platform designed to unlock profitable growth and a team of experts by their side, CaratLane is now better equipped than ever to maximize the golden opportunity in Facebook advertising.

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