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PayMaya: Reaching the Right Audience with Facebook App Event Optimization

Success story

PayMaya, the mobile commerce service, used Facebook app event optimization to significantly increase registrations and lower acquisition costs.

Easy cashless transactions

PayMaya is a leading financial payment solution in the Philippines. The company’s prepaid payment app enables financially underserved people without credit cards or bank accounts to make online and mobile payments via a virtual credit card.

Quality over quantity

PayMaya partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans to increase the number of people who actively use its app, aiming to attract those who would not only install, but who would register for and use a virtual credit card.

Nanigans helped us make our campaigns more efficient—improving our workflow by cutting the time of campaign setup, report generation and campaign optimization. Their platform has proved to be very effective and has enabled us to target and optimize for very specific events that deliver positive business results.

- Carlo Isles, Performance Marketing Head, VYGR

Optimizing for signups

To reach the right audience with the campaign’s photo and video ads, Nanigans used an app event optimization strategy. This strategy prioritized ad delivery to people who would be most likely to install the PayMaya app and register for a virtual credit card.

Next, to reach a broad base of prospective customers, the team created a lookalike audience based on existing customers, and also generally targeted Filipinos aged 18–54. PayMaya tested multiple variations of ad creative across all groups, and tailored messaging and promotions for each group.

As the campaign ran, the team could see which versions performed best with which groups and use only those going forward. In this way, Nanigans helped PayMaya optimize its campaign for registrations.

Efficiently attracting registrations

Using app event optimization and lookalike audiences, the PayMaya campaign successfully increased app installs and registrations at a lower cost. The campaign ran during Q2 of 2017 and achieved impressive results.


increase in app registration


lower cost per registration

PayMaya is the one of the fastest ways to get a financial account in the Philippines. It’s empowering a whole generation of Filipinos, unlocking digital-enabled opportunities. Facebook is a great way for us to reach new users, as it allows us to showcase the product’s benefits to a new audience.

- Raymund Villanueva, Consumer Business Head, PayMaya Philippines
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This case study was originally published here by Facebook.

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