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Sweat: Shaping Up Sales with Facebook Video Ads and Instagram Stories

The Australian fitness company used Facebook video ads and Instagram Stories to attract new users to its Sweat app, garnering a 69% increase in mobile app return on ad spend.

Empowering female fitness

Since 2008, Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines has been supporting women as they improve their overall health and fitness. Kayla is the co-creator of the world-renowned Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout. Her partner Tobi Pearce is the founder of the workout app, Sweat. With an online community of more than 20 million women, Sweat provides access to workouts, recipes and a forum as well as challenges and progress tracking, fueling the journey to better health.

New year, new registrations

The period from Christmas to the end of January is peak season for many health and fitness businesses. Sweat and its trainer, Kayla Itsines, wanted to reach women when they were searching for a way to achieve their fitness resolutions, aiming to grow the subscriber base and increase return on ad spend by 25%.

Inspiring healthy progress

Working with Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans, Sweat invested heavily in Facebook video ads, Instagram Stories and Instagram link ads showing workout exercises. The videos authentically communicated the variety of fitness programs with step-by-step training, helping women feel supported. Sweat refreshed the content at least once per week.

Because Sweat and Kayla Itsines have a global presence—the Sweat app is available in 8 languages—they used language-specific ad creative with dynamic language optimization to scale the global campaign and reach women in various countries.

To help acquire new users, Sweat targeted video ads to lookalike audiences that were based on Custom Audiences of people who had made purchases in the past, people who had completed registration and web visitors. It also targeted audiences based on interests and behaviors related to fitness such as “crossfit” and “heathy diet.”

Sweat and Kayla combined the acquisition campaign with retargeting to show ads to people who had installed the app but not completed registration or made purchases. They also used exclusive promotions to target expired users—those whose trials had ended, and those who had stopped their subscriptions.

Sweating up success

Thanks to its targeted video ad campaign, the Sweat app saw an increase in sales conversions and an impressive return on ad spend. Running during December 2017 and January 2018, the campaign achieved:


increase in mobile purchases


increase in mobile app registrations


increase in mobile app return on ad spend


increase in paying app users during campaign

Nanigans enabled us to not only drive advertising automation and efficiency, while achieving our return on investment and user acquisition goals, but also utilize Facebook to its fullest potential by testing new products and features. We were able to accelerate business growth by 20% as a result of the exceptional support from Nanigans’ and Facebook’s teams.

- Bryan Ong, Advertising Manager, Sweat
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This case study was originally published here by Facebook.

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