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Trendin Sees Ecommerce ROI Soar 30% Using Nanigans for Facebook Dynamic Ad Retargeting

TrendinThanks to explosive sales growth, has become the largest ecommerce portal of any brick-and- morter retailer in India. As the online arm of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, the country’s #1 apparel retailer, Trendin is attracting more repeat shoppers than ever before—and retargeted ads on Facebook are a critical part of their winning strategy.

Setting the stage for growth

During a past “end of season” sale, Trendin’s in-house team used Nanigans advertising automation software to manage Facebook ad campaigns aimed at driving purchases among new and existing customers. Trendin built Custom Audiences to target previous buyers, along with people who browsed certain product categories, but didn’t end up purchasing.

“Nanigans software allows us to scale our spend efficiently on Facebook, while optimizing campaigns to attract new customers with high lifetime value has steadily increased our ROI.”

Praveena Sukumaran, Senior Marketing Manager, TrendIn

Nanigans’ predictive revenue optimization algorithms automatically adjusted bids to target Trendin’s ads at potential customers who were most likely to make a purchase during the sale. As a result, ROI skyrocketed to 140% after just three months. With this success, Trendin’s in-house advertising team was confident that using Nanigans could unlock even greater returns during their next big sale event.

Taking a proven strategy to the next level

When it was time for Trendin’s next “end of season” sale, they knew exactly how to replicate their prior success—but simply matching past ROI performance wasn’t enough. Trendin knew Nanigans offered the opportunity to employ more precise retargeting on Facebook, leading to even higher ROI potential on a much larger scale.

Trendin supplemented its proven Custom Audience retargeting strategy by activating Facebook’s dynamic ads with Nanigans, which enabled them to more intelligently promote the most relevant products from their entire catalog to customers on any device. Setting up dynamic ads is often complex, but Trendin was able to get started quickly thanks to a simple process built around three concepts in Nanigans software.

Universal Feed Adapter

Nanigans’ universal feed adapter enabled Trendin to use their existing product feed, without the need to rebuild or reformat anything at all—avoiding a common retargeting roadblock.

Universal Pixels and Events

Since Trendin already relied on Nanigans to measure and optimize ads on Facebook, there was no need to implement special tracking for dynamic ads. Their existing pixels and events, which can be updated and reconfigured on the fly, were all they needed to get started.

Personalization Rules

Trendin quickly set up flexible rules to dictate which strategic products were shown to people based on their individual shopping behavior on the website. Since dynamic ads are built in real-time for each shopper, personalization rules help ensure ads always show the right products to the right person.

Trendin Dynamic Product Ad

“Dynamic ads in Nanigans enabled us to acquire new users and repeat buyers during our end of season sale, helping us achieve our target ROI. What we’ve learned will help us strategize how we should be distributing our budgets in future campaigns.”

Praveena Sukumaran, Senior Marketing Manager, TrendIn

Achieving record-breaking ROI

After Trendin’s in-house team added dynamic ads to their Nanigans Facebook advertising strategy, performance took off and they quickly increased ad spend to maximize purchase ROI. Compared to the first “end of season” sale, Trendin’s second sale generated 30% higher ROI from resulting purchases. This success enabled them to profitably scale Facebook ad spend 24% through Nanigans software.

Working closely with their local Nanigans Customer Success team, Trendin took a proven strategy to a whole new level, resulting in higher advertising ROI on an even greater scale. With a new baseline for success, Trendin can now extend their winning sale strategy to always-on campaigns, ensuring continued revenue growth from advertising on Facebook and beyond.

Trendin: 24% more ad spend, 30% higher ROI


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