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GDPR: Exercising My Right to Have My Personal Data Erased from Nanigans’ Tracking Systems

If you’re an individual in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) gives you the right to request that a data controller erase any personal data that they may have collected about you. As a data controller that works with advertisers that market to individuals like yourself, it’s possible that Nanigans could have collected some of this information, linked to your web-based browser cookies or mobile advertising IDs . The form below will allow you to request that Nanigans erase any information that was collected about you from within this particular web browser.
If a Nanigans cookie is detected for this particular web browser, the first field in the form will be automatically populated with a alphanumeric cookie ID code that is unique to you and to your use of this web browser.

If there is no cookie ID code populated in the first section of the form, this indicates that cannot access any personal data with regards to you and your use of this web browser.

However, cookies and mobile advertising IDs are set on an individual browser and device basis, and may vary from browser to browser, device to device. If you want to erase personal data accrued through a different browser or device, you may either visit this web page from that browser, or manually enter the cookie ID or mobile advertising ID in the form below. Click here for more information on how to locate cookie IDs and mobile advertising IDs for your browsers and devices.

Please click the button beneath this form to have Nanigans erase the personal data that was collected about you on behalf of our customers.