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Delivering ROI: How 4 Top Ecommerce Brands are Achieving Digital Advertising Success

Long before a highly anticipated package arrives on a customer’s doorstep, today’s leading online retailers are discovering new ways to find and engage customers in an increasingly social and mobile world.

Many successful ecommerce companies rely on Nanigans advertising automation software to generate ROI at scale. Whether they aim to reduce the cost per new customer, grow their mobile app’s userbase, or identify new customers with high lifetime value, advertising automation is a powerful solution.

This eBook shares four ecommerce stories on how sophisticated in-house advertising teams are delivering real value to the bottom line. You’ll learn how:

  • JackThreads scaled Facebook advertising in 60 days
  • An ecommerce giant scaled mobile app ad spend 400%
  • Online retailer Adore Me reached 1,500 new customers in 5 days
  • A flash sale retailer achieved 345% ROI with Nanigans revenue optimization

Delivering ROI: How 4 Top Ecommerce Brands Are Achieving Digital Advertising Success

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