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The 2016 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

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With Facebook’s massive worldwide user base, it’s a critical channel for digital marketers aiming to reach existing and potential customers. Its highly engaged audience offers a tremendous opportunity to build brand awareness — and more importantly — drive real revenue growth on a global scale.

As the Facebook ad ecosystem continues to rapidly evolve, it’s up to strategic digital advertisers to take advantage of every new opportunity that arises. Inside this essential guide, you’ll find insights on:

  • 2016 state of the Facebook advertising landscape
  • 10 Facebook ad trends to watch
  • 7 best practices for maximizing return on ad spend

If you’re looking to increase revenues using one of the world’s most impactful advertising channels, this eBook features everything you need for success in the year ahead.

The 2016 Marketer's Guide to Facebook Advertising

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