Today’s best digital advertisers are taking back control.

Online advertising management is moving from outside agencies and third party vendors to performance-driven in-house teams. When armed with best-in-class advertising automation software, in-house advertisers can achieve scale, efficiency, and performance beyond what’s possible through traditional outsourcing.

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of marketers manage all programmatic advertising efforts in-house


of marketers are assigning digital, social, and mobile functions in-house


of advertisers believe more transparency is #1 in better digital ad spend management

Sources: eMarketer, Association of National Advertisers, AudienceScience

What’s behind the movement to in-house advertising?

Marketing automation software has become ubiquitous, enabling companies to take full control of their online marketing funnels in-house — from outbound email marketing to inbound content marketing. Taking media buying in-house is a logical next step, with technology maturing leaps and bounds from the day the first banner ad was served in 1994.

Just like programmatic trading technology transformed financial services by removing middlemen and manual work, platforms that enable publisher-direct automated media buying are revolutionizing the online advertising industry. Thanks to access to self-serve tools like Google AdWords, many companies are already developing digital advertising expertise in-house.

As automation software has advanced the way traditional marketing teams work, an army of marketing professionals formed alongside these industry and technology developments. Modern marketers have an innate understanding of how to best reach customers through deep communications, creative, and analytical skills. When armed with the right technology, these in-house marketing professionals are incredibly effective at delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

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What are the benefits of managing digital advertising in-house?

From eliminating middleman markup fees to enjoying complete transparency into how your advertising budget is working for you, in-house advertisers have a clear advantage. Leveraging internal product and customer expertise, you can adapt faster, make more informed strategic decisions, and improve performance to achieve ROI goals at scale.

Funnel more of your advertising budget to the actual ads.

The cost-benefit analysis of taking advertising from an external agency or ad network to in-house is an easy one. In-house advertisers with publisher-direct media buying software benefit from the cost savings of (1) not paying agency managed services premiums and (2) avoiding media markup margins demanded by ad networks – which can range from 50% to 100%. This means more of your budget can be funneled to what matters most: reaching more customers with ads, and reaching higher value customers who may require higher bids to win.


potential media cost markup from traditional ad networks

Source: The Boston Consulting Group

Retain ownership over your performance.

In-house marketers thrive on the ability to execute campaigns without having to work through a third party. In-house advertisers can keep total control over how their products and services are marketed, from ad design and testing to how campaigns are optimized and reported.


scale in spend while meeting KPIs after bringing Facebook advertising in-house. Read the case study.

Put your industry knowledge to work.

No one understands a company’s customers, products, and industry better than the internal marketing team that lives and breathes these every day. In-house advertisers can leverage industry expertise to maximize the effectiveness and scale of their campaigns. Deep product and customer knowledge position in-house advertisers to run high-performing campaigns like no third party ever could.


of marketers report that first party data drives the highest increase in customer lifetime value.

Source: eMarketer

React quickly and autonomously.

Real-time marketing is here. Multiple external partners can slow down decision-making and execution, and time is a luxury smart marketers cannot afford in today’s fast-paced and always-on online world. In-house advertisers are free to test and scale campaigns quickly, react to new market opportunities, and pivot at will.


of marketers cite faster turnarounds as an advantage of in-house advertising

Source: Association of National Advertisers

Own your data with full transparency.

The most successful companies today understand the value of customer data and insights. Running advertising in-house using robust automation software allows marketers to keep their most important data assets like revenue and purchase events under tight control, as well as leverage all their data at hand to inform better performance.


of advertisers report no digital media spend insight or only high-level reports from agencies

Source: AudienceScience

Who’s taking control in-house?

Nanigans works with large-scale performance marketers across industries and around the world. We’ve found there’s a certain breed of companies that are best positioned to take their digital media buying in-house.

If your company was built on the internet from the ground up, or you call the online and mobile ecosystem your home today, taking control of digital advertising in-house is the right move.

Gaming, ecommerce and other internet and mobile companies like online travel agencies and app developers are typically first-to-market, quick to move, and constantly looking to improve their online customer acquisition and remarking efforts. They’re always testing testing, iterating, and analyzing data—and they are primed to reap the ROI rewards of in-house advertising.

Innovative, digital-first brands


Data-driven growth marketers

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