Scale your game while saving time and increasing ROI on today’s most valuable digital channels.

The world’s largest game developers choose Nanigans to power top performing digital advertising at scale. The leader in game advertising since 2010, Nanigans enables you to launch massive global ad campaigns in hours instead of days, acquire high-value users at lower costs, and optimize your base of loyal players across the full lifecycle of your game.

Why Leading Game Developers Choose Nanigans

Cross-Channel & Cross-Device

Reach high-value gamers wherever they are across devices and today’s most valuable digital channels

Predictive Optimization

Acquire top-tier users and drive ROI with Predictive Lifetime Value® bidding and optimization algorithms

Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime in-game data using dashboards, visualizations, and 100+ reporting attributes

Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with a comprehensive interface for everything from ad creation to deployment

Data Unification & Transparency

Consolidate complex tools and unify first-party data to leverage cross-channel insights through desktop pixels and mobile SDK

Nanigans Delivers Proven Gaming ROI

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how Nanigans software can power intelligent user acquisition and real monetization results for your next hit game on mobile and beyond.


increase in new game installs after taking control of ad campaigns in-house


boost in in-game purchases using Nanigans revenue optimization and video ads


advertising ROI with the Nanigans mobile SDK to close the loop on attribution

“Nanigans software can bulk create thousands of ads and then manage them individually towards a different end goal. The predictive algorithms enabled us to achieve our KPIs consistently every day for four months, while scaling in a sustainable fashion.”

Steven Lee
Digital Marketing Team Lead



Global game launch workflow

Nanigans is built for scale. Launch thousands of different ads around the world in minutes. Then optimize, analyze, and improve campaign performance — all based on real-time data.

Actionable reporting marketers love

Analyze performance data any way you like, and don’t waste a second when you see opportunity for growth. Manage campaigns directly from your reports for instant and complete control.

Predictive Lifetime Value® revenue optimization

Not all users monetize the same way. Machine learning algorithms ensure your ad budgets are optimized to reach new players who are more likely to help grow your business.

Level up and take control of your game advertising.

In-house teams at today’s top game developers use Nanigans to power incredible growth through ROI-based advertising automation. Don’t let the competition win over your next best customer before you do.

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