Find, retarget, and convert high-quality leads across today’s most valuable digital channels.

In-house performance marketing teams deliver more qualified leads faster using Nanigans to power digital advertising at scale. Nanigans enables you to find the right people to grow your business — from consumer acquisition for financial services and insurance, to online education and beyond.

Why Marketers Everywhere Choose Nanigans for Online Lead Generation

Cross-Channel & Cross-Device

Reach high-quality new leads wherever they are across devices and today’s most valuable digital channels

Predictive Optimization

Attract top-tier customers and drive ROI with Predictive Lifetime Value® bidding and optimization algorithms

Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime performance data using dashboards, visualizations, and 100+ reporting attributes

Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with a comprehensive interface for everything from ad creation to deployment

Data Unification & Transparency

Consolidate complex tools and unify first-party data to leverage cross-channel insights through desktop pixels and mobile SDK

Core Digital Media

“Nanigans’ bidding algorithm is cutting-edge and customizable, allowing us to manage tens of thousands of ads without sacrificing pricing efficiency.

The reporting platform is also world-class, enabling our team to analyze and act on our campaigns as effectively as possible.”

Barry Forbes

Core Digital Media

Nanigans Powers Customer Acquisition Success Across Industries


Financial Services

Find customers looking for anything from auto loans to home refinancing with sophisticated cross-channel targeting and ROI optimization.


Homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and more — easily manage, optimize, and measure profitable digital ad campaigns at scale.


The internet is transforming learning, and Nanigans helps you connect the right students with the right online universities and degree programs.

Janelle Stettler

“Nanigans is really like a fifth team member that doesn’t sleep, but allows us to!

Since we don’t have to constantly make manual adjustments to our bids and budgets throughout the day, it frees up time for us to be creative and strategize.”

Janelle Stettler
Online Customer Acquisition



Automation built for scale

Manage hundreds of campaigns with a workflow designed for high-volume, high-velocity performance marketing. Quickly identify tactics that aren’t driving ROI and scale those that are through creative testing, iterative ad building, and more.

Predictive Lifetime Value® revenue optimization

Generate not just more leads, but the best ones. With customizable machine learning algorithms that optimize for customer lifetime value, you’ll get greater returns from your ad budgets.

Business intelligence that data-driven marketers love

Data-driven advertisers call Nanigans’ reporting the industry’s best. Analyze campaign performance at any level and easily take immediate action to improve lead generation ROI.

Take control of your lead generation.

Grow your business with higher-quality leads and greater ROI using the software that powers the best consumer acquisition marketing around the world.

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