Expand and engage your mobile app’s user base to drive true ROI for your business.

App install ads are fueling an explosion in the mobile app economy. And smart app marketers across industries are relying on Nanigans advertising automation to power end-to-end user acquisition and remarketing campaigns on today’s most valuable digital channels.

An early pioneer in mobile advertising, Nanigans enables you to find untapped user growth potential, increase customer lifetime value, and optimize your marketing using a mobile SDK for deep in-app intelligence.

Why Leading Mobile App Developers Choose Nanigans

Cross-Channel & Cross-Device

Expand your base of top-tier users wherever they are across today’s most valuable digital channels

Predictive Optimization

Drive ROI and acquire high-value customers with Predictive Lifetime Value® bidding and optimization algorithms

Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime in-app data using dashboards, visualizations, and 100+ reporting attributes

Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with a comprehensive interface for everything from ad creation to deployment

Data Unification & Transparency

Consolidate complex tools and unify first-party data and cross-channel insights through a lightweight mobile SDK

Nanigans Delivers Proven Mobile App Advertising ROI

See for yourself how Nanigans software can power real user acquisition, remarketing, and monetization results for your successful mobile app.

Nanigans Powers Successful Mobile App Marketing Across Industries










Professional Services

“Storm8 uses Nanigans software to create, optimize, and scale our social acquisition efforts beyond our existing network of more than 400 million users.

The Nanigans family is insightful, diligent, and supportive much like the excellent platform they’ve built, and their ‘pay-it-forward’ approach continues to drive our shared success in mobile marketing.”




Predictive Lifetime Value® in-app revenue optimization

Using a lightweight mobile SDK to close the attribution loop, easily optimize cross-channel campaigns based on the downstream behaviors like purchases. Reach more users like your best ones or reengage existing users for incremental ROI.

Actionable reporting marketers love

Analyze performance data any way you like, and don’t waste a second when you see opportunity for growth. Manage campaigns directly from your reports for instant and complete control.

Cross-channel automation built for scale

Whether your goal is a large-scale app install campaign, a monetization reengagement campaign, or both, Nanigans features workflow efficiencies designed to help you increase ROI for your apps fast.

Take control of your mobile app advertising.

Start managing, optimizing, and measuring your digital advertising with the software powering successful app marketing around the world.

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