The Mobile Game Marketer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

As millions of people unwrap new smartphones this holiday season, mobile game marketers with winning ad creative have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate user and revenue growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads

Are you maximizing the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads for lead generation? Get creative best practices, expert insights, and proven strategies for not only generating more leads, but for finding the highest value leads at scale.

Profit-Driven Advertising: From Marketing Cost To Revenue Driver

Most of your digital ad spend is wasted on people who won’t become repeat customers. This white paper explores how a profit-driven advertising model based on predictive lifetime value and data transparency can drive up your bottom line and fuel growth in your marketing budget.

The Online Retailer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

This guide features creative tips and examples from real-world ecommerce advertisers accelerating customer growth and sales on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By following these best practices, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition this holiday season.

Game Changer: Winning Strategies for Scaling Mobile Games on Facebook

Many of today’s leading game developers rely on Nanigans advertising automation software to help them meet and exceed revenue growth goals. This guide highlights four of those innovative companies, and the winning strategies employed by their in-house advertising teams.

The Ecommerce Advertiser’s Guide to Customer Acquisition and Retention on Facebook

Facebook ads are a tremendous growth driver for ecommerce marketers looking to scale both customer acquisition and retention efforts. This guide features expert insights on how to best leverage Facebook and Nanigans to find and retain more customers like your best customers.

How to Build Twitter Ad Creative That Converts

To maximize the potential of Twitter advertising as a powerful growth engine, ad creative must capture attention and inspire action. This guide features creative pro tips, best practices, and real-world ad examples to level up your your Twitter ad performance.

Anatomy of a Growth Marketer

Growth hackers, in-house advertisers, customer acquisition pros—whatever you call them, a new breed of digital marketers is disrupting the status quo. Learn first-hand what makes them tick and find out how you can hire top talent to accelerate growth.

The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Scaling Growth with Mobile App Install Ads

More than ever, revenue growth means mobile growth. Mobile app install ads are a critical tool for customer acquisition growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this guide, learn how to take advantage of different app install ad formats to drive performance at scale.

The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising can be a powerful revenue driver for marketers who know how to combine eye-catching creative with action-inspiring direct response tactics. This guide is full of creative insights to help you accelerate growth and start achieving real results that boost the bottom line.

The Complete Guide to Direct Response Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is the world’s fastest growing display ad channel, offering the unique chance to reach customers with the exact right message at the perfect moment in time. Get targeting insights, best practices, and more to power Twitter advertising success at scale.

Getting Creative with Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising

Lights, camera, call-to-action! To maximize the power of video for direct response advertising, you need to get creative. This free guide has everything you need to start generating higher revenues using Facebook and Instagram video ads today.

The 2016 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

As the Facebook ad ecosystem rapidly evolves, it’s up to digital advertisers to take advantage of every new opportunity that arises. In this eBook, you'll find all the trend insights and best practices you need to drive more revenue on Facebook in 2016.

Instagram Advertising: The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Finding and Scaling Success

Performance marketers worldwide are eager to master Instagram and reach its 400 million users. This guide offers creative best practices, ad and audience insights, and tips for scaling success to help data-driven advertisers start powering true business growth on Instagram.

The Marketing Executive’s Guide to Recruiting In-House Digital Advertising Talent

Demand for skilled in-house advertisers is on the rise. This eBook contains recruiting tips on outside-the-box skill sets to look for, suggestions on the responsibilities an in-house candidate might take on, and ways to ensure retention of top digital marketers.

Facebook Carousel Ads: Creative Ways to Attract and Convert Customers

Facebook's Carousel Ads offer advertisers a flexible and dynamic canvas with limitless creative possibilities. This guide features examples and tips across industries, advertising objectives, and creative concepts to inspire your next high-performing Carousel Ad campaign.

The Essential Guide to Driving ROI with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s dynamic product ads are a catalog for the digital age. They’re helping marketers capture more revenue by intelligently promoting the most relevant products from their entire online store to customers on any device.

Delivering ROI: How 4 Top Ecommerce Brands are Achieving Digital Advertising Success

Leading online retailers are discovering new ways to find and engage customers in an increasingly social and mobile world. Learn how JackThreads, Adore Me, and more are using advertising automation software to deliver real ROI at scale.

50 Direct Response Advertising Tips to Power Outstanding Social & Mobile Campaigns

Direct response advertisers live and die by performance. This eBook has 50 quick tips and best practices--from creative and optimization to budgeting and landing pages--to move the needle in your next performance marketing ad campaign.

Level Up: The Game Developer’s Guide to Global Advertising

Mobile app install ad campaigns are crucial to the success of any new game launch. This eBook is your guide to successfully setting up and deploying a two-week, geotargeted, large-scale game launch using Facebook and mobile RTB advertising.

Nanigans: Advertising Automation Software at a Glance

Nanigans powers today's most successful in-house marketing teams. This guide is offers an inside look at the technology enabling performance marketers worldwide to take control of their digital advertising and drive ROI at scale.

The Future of Real-Time Bidding is In-House

Mastering real-time bidding, especially mobile RTB, will give you and your company a competitive advantage in the years ahead. This white paper explains how taking RTB in-house will set direct response advertisers up for long-term success.

Marketing to Moms & Millennials: A Back to School Guide

Online back to school sales are projected to exceed $50 billion in 2014. For ecommerce marketers, this eBook provides best practices for managing social media ad campaigns targeting millennials, moms, and other high-volume fall shoppers.

Building a Foundation for In-House Advertising Success

As more leading companies recognize the many benefits of bringing digital advertising in-house, this eBook offers practical insight and tips on how to set an in-house team up for performance marketing success.

Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything

When armed with best-in-class ad automation software, an individual in-house advertiser can achieve the scale, efficiencies, and performance beyond what’s possible through third-party teams. This eBook offers an introduction to the benefits of in-house advertising.

Getting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success

Targeting and optimization are key, but the single most important element of a successful Facebook advertising campaign is great creative. This eBook explores strategies and approaches for effective ad creative and how this often overlooked consideration impacts performance.

What a Marketer Has to Do Every Five Minutes

Automation or manual? It's the performance marketer's dilemma. In this eBook we explore the pros and cons of automated vs. manual management of Facebook advertising campaigns at scale.

Insider’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange has grown to represent a significant portion of retargeting ad spend—it now accounts for around half of retargeted clicks on the web. This eBook explores how to make the most of FBX to meet ROI objectives at scale.

2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Offering support to CMOs and marketers, this eBook dives into the latest Facebook advertising trends and offers best practice advice to help guide you as you take advantage of the rapidly evolving Facebook advertising landscape.

Finding Profitable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

Don’t be left behind now that the next phase of social media advertising is upon us. Be in the know about how you can buy and optimize your ad spend for Predictive Lifetime Value on desktop and mobile.

How to Succeed with Facebook Holiday Advertising

Whether you are well underway with your holiday planning or you haven’t started yet, this eBook will make sure you kick off the holiday season right.

Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World

With the roll out of 4G and the proliferation of devices and screens, it’s essential to understand how consumers are using their mobile devices for purchasing.

Insider’s Guide to Advertising in the Facebook News Feed

This eBook is our guide to advertising in the Facebook News Feed, where 1.1B+ people spend their time sharing the most important parts of their lives and staying connected to the brands they care about.

Evolution in Mobile Advertising

The world of mobile advertising has been completely turned on its head — all in an incredibly short period of time. How can you ensure you haven’t already been left behind? Be in the know about about the driving forces of change.

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads provide one of the most targeted advertising opportunities today. The social network knows the demographics, interests and social connections of more than 1 billion people who are active online.

5 Essential Tips for Managing Facebook Ad Campaigns at Scale

In this eBook, you’ll learn the fundamentals of running a campaign at scale, as well as what tools are available to make your life easier and your campaign successful